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  1. Multivitamin

    TS3/Discord Command Library 1.4.4

    To install just drop this file into you Sinusbots Scripts folder which is located in your Sinusbot Installation directory, do not forget to restart your Sinusbot after adding the Script. Why should I use this library? This library will standardize the command handling for SinusBot it will help...
  2. Multivitamin

    MultiConomy 0.3.1

    NOTICE: THIS IS CURRENTLY A DEVELOPMENT BUILD AND NOT MEANT TO BE AN OFFICIAL RELEASE If you have ideas or suggestions to improve MultiConomy I would be glad to hear about that :). There will be still some changes though, this library is meant only as Interface and will not bring any commands...
  3. ChocolateDay

    Library version mismatch. Please copy the updated plugin to the client directory.

    Ich wollte eben meinen Bot neustarten und mir wurde mitgeteilt das meine SinusBot-Version "expired" sei. Nun lud ich mir die neueste Version von SinusBot runter und installierte sie direkt ins alte Verzeichnis. Wenn ich nun versuche, den Bot zu starten, kriege ich die Meldung "Library version...
  4. Diesmon

    OKlib 1.0.8

    OKlib by Tuetchen and Diesmon This is a powerful Library for the SinusBot Script Engine, which will simplify many common use cases for the ‘everyday’ script functions and tasks The minimum needed SinusBot version is: 0.13.37 For Users: If your log says something like: “OKlib is missing...
  5. RiotMode

    Solved Bot auf neue Win-Installation verschieben

    Betriebssystem: Windows SinusBot Version: 0.9.x (leider gerade nicht bekannt) TS3 Version: 3.x Problembeschreibung: Hi Leute, ich würde gerne meinen Sinusbot inkl. Library (Musik/Playlists/etc) auf einen neuen Rechner bzw. eine neue Windows-Installation verschieben. Leider startet der Bot...
  6. vadammt

    Feature Import existing music library

    Is there a way to import an existing music library let's say the directory /home/media/music into the sinusbot? Our Server is running a media server so I have a huge Music library (about 800GB) and I'd really like to avoid duplicating this library. I found this post saying this feature wont be...
  7. bloc97

    EN Which Javascript libraries does Sinusbot use for scripting?

    I'm trying to figure out what libraries sinusbot supports, since some important array, regex and string methods do not work. For example, Object.key(Object obj) crashes my script, and so does Array.push(String string). is it jQuery or something else? Edit: Those two examples worked, it was...
  8. L

    Library not found

    Hello, Edit : When i start a new installation, this works, but, if possible i want to keep my files. I changed VPS recently, i transfered my sinusbot files to my new machine. I test the bot and : [email protected]:~/sinusbot# ./sinusbot -RunningAsRootIsEvilAndIKnowThat 2016/03/19 03:38:08...