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  1. xXPerditorXx

    EN YouTube Search and YouTube Search Download

    Well, because YouTube Search Script wasn't working for me, I created my own Script to search on YouTube via the YouTube Api. For everyone who want that, feel free to download it in my GitHub repo.
  2. G

    EN New command : list [SOLVED]

    Hello, I want to create a list command for the bot for list all tracks in a message. Here are 4 different commands but none succeeds, I have an error each time
  3. SacredSkull

    TS3 Now Playing [Cleans bad tags] [Custom display formats] [TTS announce] 0.62

    This simple plugin uses two channels (default set to display as spacers, see above) to display now playing information (track/artist). It trims and cleans up songs from YouTube, detecting the standard Artist - Track format and removes VEVO/Monstercat/HD/etc. nonsense. An example cleanup: We...
  4. kapabac

    Advanced display playback information 2.4

    Peace to all :)! I present to you a little script. Constructive criticism is warmly welcomed, because that is my first creation on javascript :D. Script features: It can replace the channel name on the current radio and add the playback indicator ►/■, replace the bot nick on the artist + track...