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Advanced display playback information

Advanced display playback information 2.2

No permission to download
Peace to all :)!
I present to you a little script. Constructive criticism is warmly welcomed, because that is my first creation on javascript :D.
Script features:
It can replace the channel name on the current radio and add the playback indicator ►/■, replace the bot nick on the artist + track or radiostation name. In addition, all information is duplicated in the description of the bot. Attention! The maximum length of the nickname 30 characters, name of the channel 40, the excess will be cut off!
Screenshot from TS3client:
Thank you for attention!​
P.S. just in case Russian version
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Latest reviews

Very great/good update! Love this script!
Thanks! :)
all good :D work very well :D
Nice Script, but needs a update! It freeze my Sinusbot after a while.
Hi! Thanks!) For me and my friends script work fine, the biggest uptime of the bot I saw 47 days and it worked fine!
It can be the things that you describe, but one of this doesnt work. How can i push the information in the client informations ? (who stand online, the groups and version) - > on the right in teamspeak
Hi! For change bot description, bot must have this permission.
Great script! Many options for customizing the displayed information.
Отличный скрипт! Много вариантов настройки отображаемой информации.
Nice thing...
I use this for ts and I love it but I use discord now can you update it.
Thank you for rating! But unfortunately, this script was created only for TS3 and it will not be updated in the near future for a Discord, sorry...
how can i change artist + title to title + artist?
Relly Nice =)
Nice :D