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TS3 Now Playing [Cleans bad tags] [Custom display formats] [TTS announce] 0.62

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Compatible Backends
  1. TeamSpeak 3

This simple plugin uses two channels (default set to display as spacers, see above) to display now playing information (track/artist).

It trims and cleans up songs from YouTube, detecting the standard Artist - Track format and removes VEVO/Monstercat/HD/etc. nonsense.

An example cleanup:

We Love - [Monstercat Release] [DnB] - Rameses B

We Love by Rameses B

Feature set
  • Displays track information as 2 dedicated channels/dividers.
The output is configurable, using the %trackInfo variable.​

  • Removes typical YouTube nonsense and parses the standard Artist - Title.
Monstercat videos are notoriously bad for these, such as the above example. If it can't find anything useful in the Artist tag, it'll try the album. Currently, SinusBot assumes the uploader is the author - 99.9% of the time this is wrong - and fixed by this plugin. Supports several formats (Artist - Track/Artist 'Track'/etc.). If your TS users like VEVO videos, this is a must!​

  • Optionally passes the cleaned up titles to TTS and/or to the channel
Can pass the pretty Title by Artist to your configured Text To Speech (assuming you have set it up correctly - this plugin won't fix a bad config!) and/or typed into the current channel.​

Just move it to your scripts/ folder, restart SinusBot and enable/configure it. Set the two channels and it should be good to go.

The bot will need to permissions to modify the channel names. Depending on what you want it to do, it may also need
  • talk power (TTS - but you should've granted talk for music right?)
  • channel chat (if you want the bot to type in track info)

You should be able to squeeze more space out of the channel names by not using a spacer. This will look ugly in my opinion, but that's why there's a channel name setting for both title/artists :). You could just set this to "%trackInfo" and you would have at least 10 more characters of space (so ugly though!).


Contributions are very welcome! Please see my GitHub repo and submit a pull request. If you've never touched GitHub, then by all means, send me a PM and I will try to get your changes in!

Modifications/additions to the main detection regex (scrubber) are especially welcome!


Planned features:
  • Custom regex setting
First release
Last update
4.33 star(s) 3 ratings

Latest updates

  1. Fixed typos to old sinusbot log calls

    Also accidentally entered a number at the start of the file...
  2. Updated to the new API

    (Yes, really) Tested on 0.11.0 but as far as I know, should work on anything running the new...
  3. "Nothing playing" bug fix

    As mentioned a looong time ago, now the plugin properly manages song stop events. Also tried the...

Latest reviews

Good plugin. Nice cleanup technic. But a nick-setback option for the Nickname if the Bot isnt playing anything is missing. Atm the nickname stays the last songname. So please implement an option where I can set a standard Nickname (e.g. "Funkybot") and if the bot isnt playing anything for 20sec or so it turns back to "Funkybot" instead of "Song A by Artist B" until I start the next song.
I realy like this plugin!
This is the only plugin where I can name my Channel in a FANCY way! :)
I only got one "complaint"/featurewish that may not be that hard to implement (?) since it's already there for the artist: Define a Channelname for when no music is playing for the Title Channel. Maybe I am doing something wrong but it didn't always work perfectly fine for me in the beginning :)
...and 4 months later I actually bother to fix this! v0.5 should solve this problem (currently pending review)
I like this script