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  1. Nuklearpopel

    Suche mp3 Streamlink

    Hallo an die Com, ich suche von folgendem Sender einen direkten mp3 streamlink: https://www.rautemusik.fm/harder/ Kann man mir weiterhelfen? hay Community, I do search a direct mp3 streamlink for: https://www.rautemusik.fm/harder/ Can someone help me?
  2. Dotty

    EN [SOLVED][API] add url and download

    Hi, I'm writing a script that given a Youtube url get the mp3 file (this part il done, I have an api pointing to the mp3 file url given the Youtube link) and here is my problem: I want sinusbot to download this file and add it to the list. But this api end-point...
  3. X

    MP3 von auf VPS in Sinusbot

    Hi :D Folgendes Problem: Ich habe ca. 500 Lieder als mp3 auf meinem VPS liegen (Ubuntu 16.10). Gibt es eine Möglichkeit, diese direkt in einen Ordner des Sinusbots zu kopieren oder muss ich es über das Webinterface machen? Danke schonmal :) LG
  4. Arckene

    Solved Bug with a mp3 radio

    Operating System: Linux (Debian 8) SinusBot Version: Last TS3 Version: Problem Description Hello, i have a bug when i add http://moveradio2.ice.infomaniak.ch/moveradio.mp3 on music It's a french radio flux and he don't work but another radio .mp3 still work with your bot... Help me...
  5. J

    Radio link

    Hello everyone, I can not find the appropriate link for the Sinusbot of these radios: http://www.r101.it/radio/web.html?asc=0 http://www.m2o.it/m2o/player Can you help me? Thanks so much!
  6. J

    I cant get my radio to work?

    I can't get this radio to work in my bot? http://edge2-icecast.538.lw.triple-it.nl/SLAMFM_MP3.m3u How can i get this fixed? Error Could not playback the selected file / stream.