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  1. VerHext

    clientNick event not work!

    Operating System: Windows / Linux Problem Description Ich habe festgestellt dass, das Client objekt nicht im "clientNick" event aufrufen ist. event.on('clientNick', function(ev) { engine.log(ev.client.name()); // undefiniert });
  2. Multivitamin

    TS3 Bad Nickname Check 1.2.3

    Checks for Bad Nicknames and Kicks or Messages them, Bad Nicknames can be entered via JavaScript Regex in format: /B[a4]dn[i1]ckn[a4]m[e3]/i /[a4]n[o0]th[e3]rn[1i]ck/i and so on... This Regex will block all Users with the Nickname: b4dnicknAME BADNICKNAME B4dn1ckn4m3 4n0th3rn1ck ANOTHERNICK...
  3. xDefcon

    Animated Nickname 1.6

    Want to try Animated Channel? Click here SinusBot 0.9.16 or higher needed! - Description: Animated Nickname is a very cool script that allows you to have an animated nickname or description in your TS3 music bot, it is very customizable and you can activate it directly by a chat command...
  4. xDefcon

    Nickname Crash Helper 1.4

    IMPORTANT: IN ORDER TO RUN VERSION 1.3, YOU NEED SINUSBOT VERSION OR HIGHER. IF YOU DON'T PLEASE USE 1.2 Description: Nickname Crash Helper is a very simple script that automatically removes the "1" after the nickname of your bot. Usually this can happen when the bot crashes...
  5. kapabac

    Advanced display playback information 2.4

    Peace to all :)! I present to you a little script. Constructive criticism is warmly welcomed, because that is my first creation on javascript :D. Script features: It can replace the channel name on the current radio and add the playback indicator ►/■, replace the bot nick on the artist + track...