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  1. S

    Recommend a good VPS for SinusBot

    Hi guys can you please recommend me a VPS for sinusbot, I've got one but I got problems with sound, because they did not support sound. Linux is not a problem for me. Thx in advance.
  2. Nisutec

    DE Datenbank Frage

    Wie kann ich überprüfen ob eine uuid nicht in einer Datenbank ist. Dieser code zeigt mir nur was an wenn die SQL Quarry was finden kann. Kann man sich denn Inhalt von res irgendwie ausgeben so das man das verwerten kann. if (dbc) dbc.query("SELECT * FROM users WHERE uuid = '%n'".replace(/%n/g...
  3. rufo123

    Message at certain time.

    Hi, is there any script available that will send message, for example, to global chat at certain time. E.g. 10pm?
  4. Keinchi

    i don't understand how to increase my bot security level

    in this site >>> https://wiki.sinusbot.com/en:guides:installation:increase_security_level i didn't understand this ... i want to increase my bot level but idon't know how ! help me please guys , thanks <3
  5. celso mendes

    Solved Extended License Doubt

    Has the extended license distribution been canceled or something? I am some time looking at the link where it makes the license application only that the messes are on the same page as the licenses that are distributed all the messes have already been given, I use another forum and 2 members...
  6. S

    Solved Make the bot identity work?

    Hello, I was just wondering how I get my bot working with Teamspeak. How do I put the identity given by the webpage in "Bot Information" work. Like how do I put it in teamspeak for it to be able to use that identity. Thanks. Superman.
  7. O

    EN [Request] Poke everyone with specific Servergroup periodically

    Hey Guys, Im sorry for this dumb Question, but could anyone develop me a small script, where you can set a Servergroup & an interval in that everyone with that group gets poked ? It should be very simple, but i dont have enough time to learn the needed JavaScript :( Well, Thank you in advance...
  8. B

    Mac OSX?

    Question, will there be support for the Mac OSX in the future? I cant find anything in the forums about it. I would love a Music Bot for TS3 that works on a Mac.