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  1. schlengso

    TS3/Discord Skip Stream On Queue 1.0

    I think an annoying behaviour of Sinusbot is that if you've set the default track ("Play when Idle") to a radio station, songs in queue will be ignored until someone manually skips the currently playing stream. My simple script solves this issue by automatically checking the queue and - when not...
  2. Kamikaze

    TS3 LookForGroup Notifications 1.0.0

    If a User Joines a "LookForGroup"-Channel like "LeagueOfLegends" All Users in Sub-Channel of "LeageOfLegends"-Channel getting a message, that someone ist looking for Players to play with.
  3. Himsel

    TS3 Plopos Vote To Skip Tracks 1.0

    Vote to skip Commands are configurable: next: Vote to play next track previous: Vote to play previous track stop: Vote to stop track queue: Displays current queue info: Displays current track help: whisper commands to client "vote_percentage": configure the min required percentage by current...
  4. ShawnCZek

    Queue list 1.0.1

    If you want to see songs in the queue in the chat, this plugin is for you. Commands !songs Prints the list of songs with their length + the actual song into the chat.
  5. Haz

    EN [REQUEST] Queue list

    Alright so I mean this bot definitely needs a way to see the queue list in Teamspeak. Idek why the dev has not included this in the bot itself. anyway, I'm not a coder so that's why I'm making a request here for whoever that can make this. ok, the idea is that u can queue songs right? so let's...
  6. Staz

    Channel Jukebox 1.0.0

    Make custom channels that will play the song you want it to play! Add a song, and double click on it's corresponding channel, to play that song! Commands: !jukeadd [channel name] [youtube URL] - Creates a new channel and attaches that youtube song too it. !jukelist - List's the channels and...
  7. A

    Solved Song won't play when radio is in idle mode

    When I'm listening to a radio channel (setup as play only when idle) and other people in my teamspeak add other songs to the queue it won't play the songs, it still plays the radio (radio is added using own link)
  8. Blubber4456

    Adding Multiple songs to Queue

    So i have about 50 songs on my bot and it works great! I just hate having to add songs to the queue one by one. Is there a way around this, either in web client or TS chat commands?
  9. Dyze

    EN Return to playing music library after queue has emptied?

    Is it possible to make a script that returns to playing the entire local music folder after the queue is done and empty? I was looking through the documentation but could not figure out a way to do this. Perhaps when the bot stops playing a method could be called to begin playing the folder (if...
  10. UNC00KED

    How to queue YouTube videos

    Is it possible with SinusBot to instead of simply play a youtube video, queue that video? I normally just use the command: !yt <url> to play YouTube videos. But the problem is, whenever a song is already playing, and I use that command, it just completely stops the song currently playing and...
  11. João Pedro Marques Basso

    Enqueue Youtube links

    Hi, I'm trying to use !qyt to enqueue youtube links, but this dont works. This feature is not avaible? Thanks in advance.
  12. Shigato

    Feature Add youtube songs to queue on request

    When you try to play from youtube now, it interrupts the current song playing. Is it possible to add an extra command that downloads the youtube song and adds it to the queue instead of interrupting the current song?
  13. HellBz

    Bug Uploaden von Files, clear Queue, Ordnerupload

    Ein Kollege und ich testen den Bot gerade auf Herz und Nieren.. Er hat gerade ein Verzeichnis mit mehreren Gigabyte hochgeladen und mittendrinnen bekommt er mit ,das er alles in den Hauptordner lädt. Intuitiv geht er auf Clear und es löscht nur die hochgeladenen Dateien, Er wollte aber den...