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radio stations

  1. KingLonRP

    I have just installed sinusbot on Linux It won't allow me select a radio station

    Every time when i try "Error Could not stream #Pophits"
  2. Max4cocaine

    How to add this radio station? please help

    https://filtermusic.net/house-dance# I want the Deep house radio. https://filtermusic.net/hiphop-rap and this with Mix Cartel https://filtermusic.net/techno-trance# The frisky radio Ty
  3. zSwarty

    Solved Problems with Radio538

    Can someone helpe me with a custom radio i like Radio 538 only i can't get him in my musicbot i hope someone can help me ~zSwarty
  4. Chiura

    Searching trapradio for Sinusbot

    How it says, i searching a good trapradio leave comments :)
  5. Duarte Silva


    Hello guys , I am providing a list of Portuguese radio stream links and other radio stream links PORTUGUESE RADIOS : MEGAHITS - http://19553.live.streamtheworld.com:80/MEGA_HITS_SC RFM - http://19553.live.streamtheworld.com:3690/RFM_SC HIPERFM - Total Fm -...
  6. T

    iHeartRadio Stream URL not working.

    I've been trying to get a few iHeartRadio stream URLs but they don't work. I get the correct stream URL and SinusBot accepts it but when i play it plays a 5 - 10 second recording and then stops and If i replay it will keep playing the same 5 - 10 second recording. I would appreciate if someone...
  7. kil okjil

    Control Panel does not add radio station playlist

    Operating System: Ubuntu 15.10 Wily Werewolf SinusBot Version: 0.9.16-10f0fad TS3 Version: Hardware Specs: > Memory: 512 MB > Swap: 512 MB > Processor: i7-920 Browser: Firefox Problem Description Control Panel does not add radio station playlist. Only shows the menu "All Music". Link...