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Solved Problems with Radio538


New Member
Can someone helpe me with a custom radio i like Radio 538 only i can't get him in my musicbot i hope someone can help me



Helping Hand
It is simple to add a own Rdio-Station to the bot. U have to open the /sinusbot/data/radio.json with an editor like Notepad++. If u opened the file with Notepad++ you have to see 1 long line. Now scroll to the end. Now you have to see "}]}" at the end, add a comma like this "},}]" and after the comma you have to add this ( pls edit it before )

{"n":"name_of_the_station","u":"stream_url_of_the_station","t":"type of the stream like acc, mp3","g":"description what the radio play like pop,rock,metal,etc","c":"comment","b":"bitrate_of the radio"}

for your example you have to add this

{"n":"Radio 538","u":"http://radio.weatherusa.net:80/NWR/WNG676.mp3","t":"audio/mpeg","g":"daily music","c":"My favorite stream","b":"128"}

i am not sure about the stream_url and the bit_rate.

After you have added this restart the bot and search the Radio in the interface. Normally it work, if you do all right. I am using this for my bot..

But the simple way is to add your name to the admin account in the interface and write the bot in TeamSpeak in a private message "!stream stream_url"