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  1. Zkitzo

    Newly installed sinusbot doesn't play sound

    When I try out youtube through !yt, it executes the command but no sound at all... I've installed sinusbot before on other VPS'es and never had any problems. I firstly installed TeamSpeak 3.5.6, no sound, so I downgraded it to TeamSpeak 3.5.3, but still no sound. Also, I remember in the past...
  2. Pringus

    TS3 Custom Join Sounds 1.0

    Play a custom sound for each defined user or group. Supports UID, nickname, and servergroups. Currently, the bot will not resume playback if a track was playing before a user joined. I plan to add this later. It's recommended to use locally stored tracks. Although YouTubeDL is supported, it is...
  3. D

    EN welcome sound script with random sounds

    Hi everyone. sorry for my poorly written english but i would have a question. I currently have the welcome sound script that plays a sound when a user enters the server. I would like to ask if there is any way to add more sounds for the "welcome" script and when a user enters one of the loaded...
  4. fredisz

    Bad sound quality

    Hello, since a few weeks i noticed that the sound quality got more worse. (or I think it could be better) I don't know why this happend. Of course I also tested listening with other clients. I tested other radio stations and music files from youtube.
  5. r3flex

    TS3 Welcome Sounds 1.1

    Welcome Sounds with Volume Changer: Simple script with ability to change the bot's volume and greet users with sound. Script will look for clients with x server group and greet then with unique sound or disable the option and greet everyone with the sound. Only one sound can be played for each user.
  6. Jumpy

    YouTube & Twitch Livestream im Bot

    Hallo zusammen, wird es eventuell in absehbarer Zeit möglich sein über unseren geliebten SinusBot YouTube und Twitch Livestreams abzuspielen? Es geht mir nicht um das Bild sondern nur um den Ton, denn es gibt zahlreiche 'Radios' die 'nur' einen solchen Livestream haben. Mit freundlichen...