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  1. zumi

    DMCA takedown

    Hello! Due to the recent Github repo takedown, could we get a new feature to Sinusbot YT. If the content is blocked by some license and Sinus can not play the media, it would give a notification like "Blocked content by XXX (releaser)" Now the bot won't do anything. It would be nice to get a...
  2. D

    "Could not import file" appears most the time!

    Hi, I dont know since when this started to happen, but ABSOLUTE majority of ytdls result could not import file error, I tried sinusbot installer update and updating youtube-dl on my own, but still majority of youtube link wont work. Is there any obvious cause
  3. smartmimo

    EN [Help] ytdl error handling

    Hi guys, I was wondering if errors are automatically handled, or how we could handle errors when using the media.ytdl function if it's not automatically handled. Thank you.
  4. Pringus

    EN "YTDL and YT" not working

    event.on('chat', function (ev) { var cmdTxt = ev.text.split(" "); engine.log(cmdTxt[0]); engine.log(cmdTxt[1]); if (cmdTxt[0] === ".yt") { ev.client.chat("Downloading " + cmdTxt[1])...
  5. senorxtreme

    Youtube DL <file not found>

    Hey, i'd try to download some youtube videos with the !yt [link] command but it always show the file not found error after a short downloading time. I also try to update yt-dl but it seems to be the latest version. I tried to download this (found here in the forum): youtube-dl -x --audio-format...
  6. Hamdoulah

    Solved File not found !yt

    Hello. I have this error : Download failed for https/www.youtube.com/watch?v=20f8kHH4oHA; file not found ytdl Is well configured, up to date and is executable. NOTE : !yt work for soundcloud My config file : TS3Path = "/home/ts3bot/TeamSpeak3-Client-linux_amd64/ts3client_linux_amd64"...
  7. vincolus

    TS3 SyncWatch 1.4-1

    INTRO HOWTO FEATURES COMMANDS TASKS Again, please report bugs! Thanks! Bitte bringt mir alle eure Käfer. Vielen Dank!
  8. D

    ytdl on windows server r2 2012

    I have an issue with youtubedl on windows server, if i send the command !yt "link", it download but never play the song. here is the log.txt And here is my config.ini I have the last version of ytdl installed. The bot work with the radio station or with songs i upload from my pc
  9. mxschmitt

    Youtube Webinterface 3.0

    German Ein Youtube Such Interface, zum abspielen / downloaden / einreihen von Videos ohne mühsam den Link herauszusuchen. Zusätzlich bietet es Funktionen um über den Chat die Videos von einer Playlist einzureihen und sogar über die normale Suche (nicht das neue Webinterface) mit Youtube direkt...
  10. Domi200

    Warteschleife bei !yt

    Hey, Hab gerade den Bot aufgesetzt und festgestellt das sobald ein Song über !yt oder eben !ytdl eingespeist wird, direkt abgespielt wird und die Warteschleife überspringt und das aktuelle Lied abbricht. Hab ich da was flasch eingestellt? Eigentlich müsste er das Lied doch hinten in der...