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2 Instanz will nicht Connecten


New Member
hab Sinus erfolgreich installiert, 1 Instanz läuft ohne Problme. Die 2 will nicht auf den gleichen Server Connecten.
Debian 8
SinusBot 1.0.0-alpha.6-a47ac17
Server Aktuelle Version

Wurde mit dem Install Script installiert.

2019-03-08T14:34:57+01:00 TSClient quit.
2019-03-08T14:34:56+01:00 New connection status 0; Error 0
2019-03-08T14:34:56+01:00 The bot could not connect. This might have several reasons: the server doesn't exist at that address, the server password is wrong, the default channel doesn't exist, the bot has been banned, the server is an illegal installation, the password is wrong, the security level of your identity is too low, the nickname is too short or too long or the server does not allow the version of the client you are using. See our Wiki / Forums for more help.
2019-03-08T14:34:56+01:00 TS |INFO |ClientUI |1 |Disconnected or forced to leave, want autoreconnect = 0
2019-03-08T14:34:56+01:00 TS |INFO |ClientUI |1 |Connect status: Disconnected
2019-03-08T14:34:56+01:00 TS |DEVELOP |PktHandler | |Puzzle solve time: 4
2019-03-08T14:34:56+01:00 TS |INFO | | |Statistics report: Setting next report date to: Sat Mar 16 14:34:56 2019
2019-03-08T14:34:56+01:00 TS |INFO | | |Statistics report: First run, report later in 1-30 days
2019-03-08T14:34:56+01:00 TS |INFO |ClientUI | |Last update check was: Sat Jan 1 00:00:01 2022
2019-03-08T14:34:56+01:00 TS |INFO |Bookmarks | |Collecting autoconnect bookmarks
2019-03-08T14:34:56+01:00 New connection status 1; Error 0
2019-03-08T14:34:56+01:00 TS |INFO |ClientUI |1 |Connect status: Connecting
2019-03-08T14:34:56+01:00 TS |INFO |PreProSpeex |1 |Speex version: 1.2rc1
2019-03-08T14:34:55+01:00 TS |INFO |ClientUI |1 |Initiating connection:
2019-03-08T14:34:55+01:00 TS |INFO |ClientUI |1 |Connect to server:
2019-03-08T14:34:55+01:00 TS |INFO |ClientUI | |ts3server:
2019-03-08T14:34:55+01:00 TS |INFO |ClientUI | |Using configuration location: /opt/sinusbot/data/ts3/2a2c3e70-af28-4365-b88e-6d50c15f0092/c8fe26dd-73ba-488e-97eb-8757e6e2d5e1/settings.db
2019-03-08T14:34:55+01:00 TS |INFO |ClientUI | |Qt version: 5.6.1
2019-03-08T14:34:55+01:00 TS |INFO |ClientUI | |Failed to init text to speech engine
2019-03-08T14:34:55+01:00 TS |DEVELOP |ClientUI | |Notifications init: Soundpack path: /opt/sinusbot/teamspeak3-client/sound/nosounds
2019-03-08T14:34:55+01:00 TS |INFO | | |*** Time [INIT]: 189
2019-03-08T14:34:55+01:00 TS |INFO | | |*** Time [MAINWINDOW]: 189
2019-03-08T14:34:55+01:00 TS |INFO |Query | |listening on
2019-03-08T14:34:55+01:00 TS |INFO | | |successfully downloaded revocation list for myteamspeak id
2019-03-08T14:34:55+01:00 TS |INFO | | |successfully downloaded revocation list for accounting
2019-03-08T14:34:55+01:00 TS |INFO |Plugins | |Loading plugin: libclientquery_plugin_linux_amd64.so
2019-03-08T14:34:55+01:00 TS |INFO |Plugins | |Loading plugin: libsoundbot_plugin.so
2019-03-08T14:34:55+01:00 TS |INFO |Addons | |Checking for addon updates...
2019-03-08T14:34:55+01:00 TS |ERROR |RevocationListCache| |Failed to import revocation list from cache
2019-03-08T14:34:55+01:00 TS |INFO |ClientUI | |Unable to create an Open GL context.
2019-03-08T14:34:55+01:00 TS |ERROR |SoundBckndIntf| |/opt/sinusbot/teamspeak3-client/soundbackends/libpulseaudio_linux_amd64.so error: INIT_PA_IMPL
2019-03-08T14:34:55+01:00 TS |ERROR |PulseAudio | |pa_context_connect failed -
2019-03-08T14:34:55+01:00 TS |ERROR |PulseAudio | |failed to connect to pulse audio server -
2019-03-08T14:34:55+01:00 TS |INFO | | |Using hardware aes
2019-03-08T14:34:55+01:00 TS |INFO | | |SystemInformation: Linux 4.9.0-8-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 4.9.144-3.1 (2019-02-19) x86_64 Binary: 64bit
2019-03-08T14:34:55+01:00 TS |INFO | | |TeamSpeak 3 Client 3.2.3 (2018-10-02 07:57:10)
2019-03-08T14:34:54+01:00 Starting instance ts3server://
2019-03-08T14:34:54+01:00 Could not create Notifications-Tabletable Notifications already exists
2019-03-08T14:34:54+01:00 Could not create WhisperReceive-Tabletable WhisperReceive already exists
2019-03-08T14:34:54+01:00 Could not create Chat-Tabletable Chat already exists
2019-03-08T14:18:05+01:00 script command loaded
2019-03-08T14:18:05+01:00 Initialization complete


Dear Blaccii ,

Did you check at webpanel security level of your bot?
Default security level = 8
I check your teamspeak server and he have security of level 10.

That is one reason why bot wont to connect on server.

Which version of sinusbot are you using now?
Which version of teamspeak are you using now?

Best regards,

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