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Solved Add queue permission based on Discord Role


New Member
Hey there 👋, I hope anyone can help me out here.

For a Discord Server that a buddy of mine is hosting, we've created a DJ role and we want to give those users the privilege to enqueue songs from youtube-dl. Since it's a public server, many people in this DJ role don't want to create an account (also because the web panel is not behind a secure HTTPS domain but just the server's public IP address).

Is there any way I can bind a user to a certain Discord Role ID, or is there any workaround for this?

The version of SinusBot and scripts that are used are:

Based on the command "!version"

- SinusBot v1.0.2 on linux
- sinusbot-commands.js v1.1.2
- command.js v1.4.4

If anyone has tips, please let me know! 🙂


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Maybe I'm overlooking things, but I can't seem to type things in that box. I only have a dropdown menu on which I have to select a user.

I'll attach a screenshot so that you might have a detailed look on it. I've redacted some other usersnames that are actually online at the moment except mine and the bot name.

Is there a manual toggle that I'm just too dumb to notice?

Edit: Yes. I was too blindsided to see the obvious...


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ah, sh*t, you have to put it into the groups part, not the identity part, sorry 😅
I now get the "You do not have permissions to use this command! To get a list of available commands see !help", and help results in
!!help        Displays this text
!!man         Displays detailed help about a command if available
!!register    Register a new user
!!whoami      Show user identities
!!privileges  Show user privileges
!!playing     Show what's currently playing
!!ping        responds with "PONG"

I'm going insane at this point lmao

Let me guess, I have to systemctl restart sinusbot again?