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API Minimum Out of Date Error


is reticulating splines
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Sadly not yet. It's a bigger change and I haven't found the time to update it yet (and forgot to bring it with me on vacation). It's still on Todo, though.


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Yesterday I've been forced to update to latest ts3 version so your soundboard isn't working anymore

Today it's nearly a month from your last reply and more than 6 months since the 3.3 release, the real question is: are you planning to update the API or not?
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Since starting this thread, I hadn't received any notifications that these replies were made so just by chance I happened to check here tonight and viola, not only did you @flyth respond but others have chimed in as well.
Anyway, @flyth, I sincerely appreciate your effort and support with your plugin, I recognize this is a recreational duty and other priorities arise, but it'll be great as soon as this plugin is back up and running again. Kudos to you for sure, this is BY FAR and hands down the best music/soundboard player coded for TS3. I anxiously await as soon as you have it updated. Until then thanks for the effort you've already put into it!

Ashe Zerda

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Hopefully we'll hear of an update soon. Friend and I have been using this soundboard for a few years now, always hate having TS3 force client updates even though I understand its for security reasons.

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