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DE Broadcast Script

Suche ein Script was alle Online Spieler mit einer Bestimmten Gruppe anschreibt(Broadcast). z.B. man schreibt dem Bot !bc {GroupID} {Nachricht} und er schreibt diesen Leuten dann diese Nachricht sendet. Man könnte es noch anders machen aber kennt jemand so ein Script


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Done, and please make a review on my script /because this is a new version of that script that waits to be approved/, and do NOT forget.. - you know what.

Check the resource page for more information about the script and also, the thing you needed is working like this:
<main command for broadcast>g 10,20,30 Hi! I am broadcasting this message

So, after the broadcast command just add letter "g" and then space and write your group IDs you want (in this case 10,20,30 separated by a comma, NOT space) and then a message.
The example above would send orange message to all clients having at least one of those 3 groups in red color.


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