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Error connecting to TeamSpeak3 Server


Deleted member 77026

Hello there!

I've recently installed SinusBot Docker Container on my server (Host OS Ubuntu 18.04).

Connecting to a "normal" TeamSpeak 3 server works just fine. However connecting to
any TeamSpeak-Server hosted in docker container does not work (Error 1797). Neither I can connect
to a normal server hosting my TeamSpeak Server files created by the docker container nor it's possible to connect to a docker TeamSpeak Server with server files created by a normal server.

Has anyone an idea what this issue causes (beside docker).

Thank you.
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BinusSot Junkie
If I understand you right, that's rather a question for the TeamSpeak forums, than the SinusBot one?
Or can you connect with a desktop client to any of those above named servers and just you SinusBot in your docker image refuses to connect?

Deleted member 77026

Yes, connecting with desktop client works just fine. It's only with Sinus Bot.