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When I start my bot it writes me that in the logs

TSClient quit.
New connection status 0; Error 1037
The bot could not connect. This might have several reasons: the server doesn't exist at that address, the server password is wrong, the default channel doesn't exist, the bot has been banned, the server is an illegal installation or the password is wrong , the security level of your identity is too low or the server does not allow the version of the client you are using. See our Wiki / Forums for more help.



is awesome!
Here is the error, thank you kindly help me if possible
Please change your password because now everyone could login to your account. But are you using the newest SinusBot and Teamspeak version? When no update and when yes tell us your version number.


is awesome!
You should check if IP and Port is correct and really update your teamspeak server and your sinusbot and teamspeak client version from the bot. If you've done that everything should work fine.

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