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Tutorial HowTo connect the Bot to your own Discord Server.

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is awesome!
Hello there,
here I show you How to connect your Bot to your own Discord Server.
This is a Step by Step Tutorial with images.

Important: You need Sinusbot
0.9.15-b20cc30 or above!

If your installation is older, you might not be able to select Discord as a backend.
To solve this issue, the only way currently is to completely wipe your installation
(=> delete the data-Folder). Caution: this will also remove all uploaded files.

So, Let's GO!

Step 1: Create your own Discord Application with a Bot User.
  1. Go to https://discordapp.com/developers/applications/me and create a new Application.
  2. Name it and click on "Create Application".
  3. After this you will be redirected to the Application Settings from your new Application.
  4. Than Click on Create a Bot User and Copy the token after this.

Step 2: Create a new Sinusbot Instance for the Bot.
  1. Open your Sinusbot Webinterface/UI and go to "Settings" => "Instances".
  2. Create a new Instance and select "Discord".
  3. Enter the Nickname for the Bot Client and insert the copyed Token from your Discord Bot User.
  4. Than Click on Create Instance.

Step 3: Connect the Bot to your Discord Server.
  1. Now go to "Settings" => "Instance Settings" (make sure that you have selected the new Instance) and click on "Click here to allow the bot to join your server.".
  2. Now select your Discord Server and press Authorize.
  3. Than Re-open your Sinusbot Webinterface/UI and go again to "Settings" => "Instance Settings".
  4. Start the Bot and Reload the Page.
  5. Now enter the Descriptive name for the Instance and select the Default Channel.

You are finish! :D
If the Bot not working now, follow Step 4.

Step 4: Troubleshooting.

F: I can't hear music.
A: Check If your Bot is muting server-wide. You can unmuting him by right clicking the bot and unselecting server-wide microphone mute.

F: I can't select "Discord" by creating a instance.
A: Please read the Red Text above this Tutorial.

F: I have a Question or Problem?
A: Post it here or PN me, alternativ you can send me a e-mail at [email protected].

Sorry for my really Bad english. I hope you can understand my Tutorial.

Sorry, A German Version will follow soon!

With best regards,
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is awesome!
You can only have 2 Sinusbot's for TS or one Sinusbot for TS and the other one for Discord.
So this error means you have already 2 Bots.
I'm unable to do this on Windows, I believed it was now possible in 9.16? I don't get the Option for TS/Discord it'll just create a new instance for Teamspeak
I cant get it started at all all it does is give me a error

2018-02-15T13:59:09-06:00 reconnecting soon
2018-02-15T13:59:09-06:00 disconnected from discord
2018-02-15T13:59:09-06:00 error from conn reader: websocket: close 4012: Requested gateway version is no longer supported or invalid


breaks more stuff
Staff member
is awesome!
Which SinusBot version are you using? There's a new one for Windows available, which solves this issue.


Tuetchen Dominator
is awesome!
thats why you should update from 0.9.21 to 0.13.37, which should support the new discord versions
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