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License contact



I have sent several message to flyth about the license as have mine leader in 2019. We have been trying to get a hosting license since 2019 and we have been given info that flyth is currently seriously busy and that he will respond soon. Almost a year has passed, two more messages have been sent from our company but we never got a single response. Our hosting company is able to host for over 200 or 300 bots which all can be licensed. We currently host separate application, which is used nevertheless our customers request the sinusbot which we understand and try to fulfill their request.
I am sorry, I try to think that this is not rude behavior by not answering any of our messages for almost a year, but the silence makes me think otherwise.
I would understand that we might not qualify for a hosting license, but a simple: "No we don't allow you to sell licensed sinusbots" will do. Without that, we can only tell our customers, that we are being ignored which is actually true.

Is there anything that can be done? I think that we have proposed a serious offer which is quite good for your side.


Dominik Skála


is awesome!
I would also like to know when licensed are offered again.
Due to COVID-19 many gamers are sitting in Teamspeak and sometimes bored as hell. I would like to offer more than two bots on the Teamspeak server so people could have fun together during these bad times


is awesome!
I made a donation. Sinusbot is a great tool and I've liked it every minute since I started using it :)
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