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Low sound quality?

Hi there!

How can i improve the sound quality coming from the bot?
Bot is running on my PC running a I5 6500 and 3 way GTX 970 SLI.
TS server is running on a rental server, i do know it's on SSD's
Any general tips on how to improve quality?


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You can set the audio codec in the channel settings to Opus Music and the level to maximum. More you can't improve it because of Teamspeaks bad codecs. :)
Well, it did indeed help but now the clients themselves have a humming noise to them ..
And another question, i can't seem to get the !yt working. I did download youtube.dll and ran it, a brief CMD window pops up but then in the webinterface it says youtube.dll not available?


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the humming noise on the clients is from the client side.
When they have "bad" quality you can hear it more on opus music with higher codec

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