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More than 3 instances of sinusbot and gametracker or gametracker's negligence



First of all I would like to mention @flyth here as this matter is quite important.

You can see that some servers on gametracker are outright BANNED from getting ranked on gametracker.com
First example off the bat:
I have no idea about the server or its past, but you can clearly see it has been deranked because it was reporting "idle or fake clients"

I am planning on getting the license for sinusbot and my server, so I could get more instances, but most important of all, support the awesome work of sinusbot team. I don't have it yet as I'm trying to raise funds to purchase a donor++, which is quite difficult for me, but that's another matter that I hope will be resolved soon.
I also want my sever to be the greatest one out there and ranked as high as possible and here's where the problem is:


Gametracker says this:
- More than 3 fake players or undetected bots.
as one of the rules for keeping the server ranked.

I wanted to get to the bottom of this and find a way to use more than 3 bots on my server, while still keeping it ranked. Sadly, all my attempts of trying to reach gametracker have failed.
I have made this topic:

I also reposted the same thing in their "Report a bug section" here:
The topic I have made there was outright deleted with no message, warning or email received.
The url of the topic I have created here is this:
and as you can see, it results in 404 error now.

This is an outrage and it's directly conflicting with sinusbot funding plan.

I have tried to find a different way to contact them about this, but it seems like they don't care whatsoever about it. The best I got was their support email, but I doubt they would do something about it if I'm just a user of sinusbot.

Basically it is impossible to buy a license, keep 4 bots online and keeping your server ranked at gametracker, while the solution for this is trivial.
All the gametracker needs to do is to provide some way of reporting bots on the server by the server owners.
This goes the same for csgo servers, such as surf. There are 1-2 bots depending on the map that have map records for the others to see. I also haven't seen any way to report that to gametracker, but I did notice some servers correctly displaying bots on gametracker, as to how that was done? It remains a mystery to me.

I think this could be resolved in 2 ways:
Easy one:
Sinusbot staff contacting gametracker about this matter and resolving this
Hard and not that good one:
Us spamming the gametracker about this and finally getting some reasonable explanation or solution

Before we would go the hard way, I think that sinusbot staff should contact gametracker and then we'll see how it goes.


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Holy fu*k, those people also deleted the post I have just made and screenshotted it above. I think there's nothing more I can do myself about this...
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I've got some countermeasures against spammers and ddossers to an extent where this isn't a problem anymore and it's a nice place to see server rank against others out there.

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