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EN Name Changer (Idea)

Hi, i want know if is possible make a command to change the name of users into your server.
This is important to me to can put the Tag of my clan members because some members forgot put the Tag or somebody have this wrong..
!cname <name> <newName>

Thanks you and sorry for my english again ! :)


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is awesome!
It's not possible to change the actual client name of another user. This is not supported by ts3 and I guess also not by discord. Otherwise you could rename someone in some ugly names.

But something is actually possible. You can create a server group in ts3 with your clantag as name and activate the option "Show Group Name in Tree". This will show the server group in front of every client name in the tree view.

With server group "Darth":

Without the server group "Darth":
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Oh, nice i didnt see this feature before!
Thanks you.
"Otherwise you could rename someone in some ugly names. " - I know and it is reasonable.

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