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Not able to import SoundCloud songs


Dear Sinusbot Community,

currently i have a problem with the sinusbot and soundcloud downloads using the webinterface. If I try to add a SoundCloud song to my music library I get the error "could not import file".

yt-dlp on its own works like a charm and is able to download the song using my local shell. Please note: yt-dlp is installed on my server. You may see my config only containing yt-dlp instead of the full path. I ensure you that there is no difference - even if I define the path to the binary.

The amazing thing is that the url to the actual audio file is correctly parsed by yt-dlp in the json output. The same behaviour has been tested with the official SinusBot Docker image and the Pterodactyl counterpart. For the sake of easy troubleshooting this instance has been installed on the host system. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Thanks in advance


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Just came here to say thank you! I've been having issues with yt-dlp not playing a couple of songs and simply giving a non-descript "could not play file"-error.
But I also had a few issues trying to run the wrapper because I didn't have the request-module installed, which the wrapper-script requires.
So if anyone else wants to try this, make sure to first read everything on this page to get yt-dlp working and once that's done, follow the steps mky326 outline but before starting your bot run apt-get install python3-pip and then run python3 -m pip install requests.
You might also have to make the wrapper-script executable.
Hope this helps someone else out :)
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