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OpenVZ/old kernel


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I cannot upgrade to TS3 client because my Sinusbot VPS is running on OpenVZ and I cannot simply upgrade it to 3.3 as I paid it for 1 year.
But as multiple people stated, this is not an intended solution. You tied yourself longterm to a hardware, you had no clue that it's not suitable for your project. I suggest you to contact your provider and rely on a gesture of goodwill.
(I mean, you don't want to cancel your term. With switching e.g. to KVM you even want to upgrade in price with the same run time)

You can't buy diesel with a petrol car, and expect you're mechanic to make it running with diesel.


Well I am hosting my TS server with this company since 2014 and no issue came up since a long time why would I even have issues.

I am also hosting my music bot from the day sinusbot came up and I never encountered any issues either so the petrol and diesel logic doesn't work up here mate.

I have 2 VPS's as you can see and I also got a 3rd new VPS today.

Amazon AWS= My Teamspeak is hosted here.
EU Server: Sinusbot is hosted here.
Digital Ocean: Another Sinusbot installed here.

Amazon AWS: Its KVM and its kernel version is 3.17+
EU Server: Sinusbot host: kernel version 2.6
Digital Ocean: Kernel version 3.17+ as well.

Amazon AWS: Sinusbot is unable to connect to this Teamspeak server. (EU Server and Digital Ocean both)
EU Server: Sinusbot host: (Installed Teamspeak on this server) (Sinusbot is able to connect and works perfectly) (Sinusbot from Digital ocean also able to connect here.
Digital Ocean: Installed a TS server here also. (EU and Digital Ocean) Sinusbots able to connect here.

Amazon AWS (This is my main server and my sinusbot is unable to connect whether EU or Digital). This leaves me finding the answers for "virtualserver_min_client_version".
My only important question here is: Can we somehow edit this feature in its database? Is there any possible way to fix this? I mean sure I can see sinusbot is unwilling to provide any support and I don't expect a lot from something we are using for free and there's a small issue with me being at fault as well.


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So I suggest you install sinusbot on your AWS server. If you can connect, it's prolly a firewall/port/connectivity issue preventing your others VPS from connecting.
If not, it's most likely "virtualserver_min_client_version" on your main TS (which you can edit via serverquery or any tool such as YaTQA) and explains why your other vanilla servers don't have that problem.



Haven't been active much in a while but the music bot is able to connect from the AWS server even with the older version. Do you think its some issue from firewall or something?

Edit: I fixed it. close this topic if you want.
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