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Problem with controlling bot


Active Member
The instance log would be helpful here
Please always include the following information in your post:
  • SinusBot version (in you web-interface under Settings -> Info -> About)
  • TS Client and Server version
  • OS (operating system), e.g. Windows 10 64bit or Debian 9 64bit
    • on linux also the kernel version: uname -a
  • hardware specs (e.g. VPS, Core i7, 8 GB RAM)
  • the instance log and bot log (set LogLevel = 10 in the config.ini before)
  • your config.ini
  • used browser and plugins (only if it is relevant for the problem)
If you are using linux then you should run the diagnostic script and attach it's output to your post - It will print out most of the required information automatically.