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Problem with scripts and internal error


is reticulating splines
Staff member
Still working on it. One issue left, but sadly no ETA in sight. Could be hours or a couple of days. However: if I can't get the new version stable enough by saturday, I'll release an interim version without the new features and only the bugfix.
I don´t know if it could help, but the docker version seems to be fine. Both instances are running with version 0.14.3-0e747fd. It´s the exact same setup.
LuskLusk: Man, just drop an ticket to support and don't spam here. We are in process to become partnership with sinusbot, you should wait or order sinusbot from other partner. At the moment order is not possible at our hosting. All servers, which were ordered in the past are running, I asked our support team minute ago.
Thank you

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