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Problem with the update server


New Member
Hi, I experienced a sinusbot error installed on the vps server.
I have only one music bot on the vps server, please solve this problem.

"could not contact update server"
Version: 1.0.0-beta.1-06a54d7
External IP address:


New Member
I have never used more than 2 instances. I do not share anything with anyone, this is my server vps, which has been renting for 4 months and there was never any problem. I am asking for precise information about why this problem occurs and for what reason, and not any assumptions that nobody has ever verified ...


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Maybe the IP was previously rented by someone else. And this one had several instincts on the run. For this you just have to bring a proof, WHEN you hired the server. And maybe an admin is so nice and look, since when the IP is banned.

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