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Question Regarding the usage and syntax for new Discord Role -> User Acc feature


is awesome!
Version: SinusBot 1.0.0-beta
OS: Windows 8.1 64-bit

As I have been made aware, SinusBot now allows for User Accounts to be connected to Discord roles rather than only specific Discord Users. However, I am unsure of how to properly do so. I have attempted:

-Setting the Discord Group Id (Example: 238788227253796875) as the Servergroup-ID in the "Edit user Account" area of the Bot Panel

-Setting the Discord Server Id and the Discord Group Id (Example: 152947849393471488#238788227253796875) as the Servergroup-ID in the "Edit user Account" area of the Bot Panel

However, neither method has worked. I am wondering how to properly connect a Discord Role to a User Account on my SinusBot.


Edit: I have checked the forums and found nothing on the usage of the new feature
We're facing the same issue. Would love some feedback on this.
Here's how to set sinusbot to use a discord role;

Your need to use your server's ID / your role's ID

For example;
In discord go to server settings\widgets to get your server id, for example server ID : 521112809921314852
next go to server settings\roles and right-click on the role that you want to use and copy the ID (use notepad to paste) : 587803751427997717

Now add the two together with a / in the middle;


Now create a new user called 'Guest', set and repeat a password and save the new user, now set this guest user's permissions (play, upload etc) and click edit and set the 'Bind to another identity' to that of the music bot itself and set the sever-group ID to the string you created 521112809921314852/587803751427997717

Restart the bot instance in sinusbot, and assign users in discord the role and they should now be able to control the bot from the command line.
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