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DE Sinusbot API


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is awesome!
is uber awesome!
you dont need to do anything special, take a look at existing sinusbot scripts and how they are built
you can even use the default windows editor to create scripts, then just place them in the scripts folder of sinusbot, restart your sinusbot and see if your script runs ;)


is awesome!
is uber awesome!
Because your code is missing a character or maybe one is in the wrong place. Something like that.

script.js:5:28 <<< Line 5 is an error.
author: 'Spigod'<[email protected]>, change this into author: 'Spigod <[email protected]>',

Look at other scripts and try to understand them. Watch tutorials. There are many beginner tutorials about javascript.
Some basic knowledge should already be there. Because you will run into more problems!
Asking all these will only bring you forward very slowly and is no fun, in my opinion.
Better use the time and try to find out yourself by watching tutorials. If everything does not help, you can still ask.
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