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Sinusbot beta 16 randomly dropping instances from ts3 server



So since beta 16 is released, everything seems to work perfectly...
Apart from the fact that instances are dropping from server, seemingly randomly without any good reason, even if server is almost idle.
What's odd is that it doesn't seem to matter if the specific bot is having a lot of scripts enabled or just a few.

Just now I woke up and realised that 2/5 instances aren't connected to the ts3 and those instances are actually those that have almost no scripts enabled on them.

I did setup a cronjob about a month ago where the sinusbot service gets shutdown and after 1 minute sinusbot service gets started again - after which some of the instances fail to connect, almost everytime.

Ocassionally the instances are dropped from the server even without the cronjob scheduled restart though.

Here's instance log after cronjob did the restart and the 2 instances failed to connect:

Both of the instances have the exact same logs, so I include just one of them.

Oddly enough the 3 other instances did connect without any hiccup and are working perfectly fine

Here's the log of the dropped instance after I pressed power button to connect it manually to the ts3 server:

This is really weird, I'm almost sure it wasn't present before beta 16, but I might be wrong here.