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  1. E

    SinusBot doesn't work on Local IP Adress

    Hello, I'm a bash script writer. I'm writing a bash script for installing teamspeak servers, sinusbot and etc. I have installed a sinusbot on my Ubuntu 18.04 LTS server, and it connected on my local teamspeak server. But the commands wasn't working on my local teamspeak server. I changed the...
  2. M

    Sinusbot lagging on discord

    Hey my freshly installed (tried thrugh docker and normal) is laggein every 15-30s . Version: 1.0.0-beta.16-ba60e37 Os: Ubunt 20 Its a vps from strato
  3. doman991

    Solved All scripts stopped working

    Hello, After updating sinusbot and some server things using script and manually all my scripts stopped working or it seems scripts work for less than second after joining to the server then stop. Bot is able to play music which is already downloaded. I was checking privilege power and because of...
  4. olokos

    Sinusbot beta 16 randomly dropping instances from ts3 server

    Hey, So since beta 16 is released, everything seems to work perfectly... Apart from the fact that instances are dropping from server, seemingly randomly without any good reason, even if server is almost idle. What's odd is that it doesn't seem to matter if the specific bot is having a lot of...
  5. syscaller

    [Bug] default values in Script config only works in the first layer

    Sinusbot-Version: v1.0.0-beta.10-202ee4d The sinusbot-commands.js v1.0.0 has implemented the feature of default values for the config of a script. However, this feature only works fine in the first layer: vars: [ { name: 'createSuccessReaction', title: 'Add a reaction to...
  6. syscaller

    [Minor Bug] client.getURL() returns the UID as URI-encoded.

    Sinusbot Version: 1.0.0-beta.10-202ee4d TS3 Version: 3.5.6 TS3-Server Version: 3.12.1 Hi, the client.getURL() Method returns not only the username, but also the uid as URI-encoded. That means, that uids as pr92K+nEp5gXrxTCN1yUHiQm/5c= will convert the '+' into '%2B' which will not be...
  7. Makaren0

    Solved Small problem with configuring a script

    The script: Rankify League Of Legends I have no idea how it happened, but one of the data entered as ServerGroup has gotten "stuck" and now I don't have the possibility to delete it or add new ones as I show in the following image: (Attached as file) (Attached as file) It has not happened...
  8. Madissen

    when using playlist it does not play the whole song

    Hello, I started using the playlist feature where you can import youtube playlists. I noticed that each song will not play until the end and skip somewhere after like half the time to the next one without me doing anything. This has not happened when using the "qyt" command only with the...
  9. shayanabad

    could not contact update server

    Hi, I was personally using sinusbot. Suddenly the service was closed and could not be opened anymore! In any way you can think of, I tried this but did not come to a conclusion. Please help me fix the problem. The required items are marked on the screen.
  10. MakeHDYT

    Solved Bot Joint nicht auf den TS3 Server

    Hey, Ich bin Markus ich habe das Problem wenn ich den Sinusbot im Interface joinen lassen will das Symbol kurz grün aber nach kurzer Zeit wieder Orange wird. im Log was auch danach abgehangen wird steht immer der gleiche Fehler und da ich nicht so begabt in dieser Linux Geschichte bin Hoffe ich...
  11. Kilian57

    Solved Could not import file!

    Hello everyone, I noticed a few days ago that my queued yt-links stopped working. So i started investigating. I noticed that some songs worked and some not. I updatet the sinusbot, ts client and made sure youtube-dl is up to date too. I manually checked youtube-dl and it works fine. Uploading...
  12. D

    TS 3.5 - Bot wird automatisch immer lauter

    Hallo zusammen, mit der aktuellsten Teamspeak³ Version scheint es ein kleines Problem mit dem Sinusbot zu geben. Der Bot wurde bei mir automatisch immer lauter. Die Eingestellte Lautstärke im Interface blieb aber auf den eingestellten Wert. Das Problem lässt sich am eigenen Client lösen. In...
  13. B

    Solved Scripts wont load - page freeze/crash

    Hello! I am submitting this report because i can't open "scripts" page in my sinusbot! I always had a really good time using this bot but since 2 days ago i can't do anything. Bot does spawn correctly but scripts not working. Tried with a fresh new installation (with no scripts in the folder but...
  14. Deso

    won't fix [old linux kernel] Sinusbot not connecting to any server of any version

    My sinusbot bot is no longer going to connect to any server and on any version that I have tested (I have also tried on other public servers to test if it could at least connect) if you can help me, I'd be grateful Best regards, Rei SinusBot version : SinusBot 1.0.0-beta.10-202ee4d TS Client...
  15. PlayWolf

    Bot sendet Song-Nachricht doppelt

    Hallo Zusammen, Ich habe Sinusbot installiert und alles funktioniert super, bin sehr zufrieden. Ich habe aber ein kleines Problem: Der Bot sendet in den Channel-Chat immer, welcher Song abgespielt wird. Das ist an sich gut, aber er macht es doppelt! Bei der ersten Nachricht fehlt, aus welchem...
  16. veaex

    Solved Bot joinen nicht wenn schon welche da sind

    Hallo, ich habe die Donator Lizenz somit kann ich mehrere Bots benutzen, aber wenn ich meinen Management und 3 andere Musikbots auf den Server lasse können meine restlichen 4 Bots nicht joinen. Aber auf jeden anderen Server schon. Aber wenn ich jetzt beispielsweise den Management bot ausschalte...
  17. ZipName80

    BUG / Pas De Son Sur Discord Avec SinusBot / English : BUG / No Sound On Discord With SinusBot

    Bonjour, J'utilise Actuellement Un Windows Server 2016 A Distance Mais Le Problème C'est Que Mon Bot Discord N'envoie Aucun Son Malgré Le "Ecoute ..." Affichée Sur Le Profil Du Bot Aucun Son Ne Sort. English : Hello, I am currently using a Windows Server 2016 Remote but the problem is that my...
  18. E

    Bot startet nicht trotz mehreren versuchen!

    Hallo ich habe ein kleine Problem der bot will nicht mehr starten hier die Informationen! Versionen: Sinusbot Version: SinusBot 1.0.0-beta.3-735814e TS Client Version: 3.3.0 TS Server Version: 3.9.1 Linux Betriebssystem: System: Debian GNU/Linux 9.9 (stretch) (OpenVZ) Kernel: Linux...
  19. SpexFX

    Error spawning instancefork/exec /opt/sinusbot/TeamSpeak3-Client-linux_x86/ts3client_linux_x86: no such file or directory

    2019/08/02 19:33:39 35131282 INFO Loading instances 2019/08/02 19:33:39 35131282 INFO Loading instance://9fddcced-aeb9-4313-9675-e6c89fe85550 2019/08/02 19:33:39 35131282 9fddcced INFO Starting instance...
  20. HiraganaDE

    Music cuts out after half or quarter of the song played

    for some weird reasons the bot just instant stops music after its half way down. It cuts out without any error messages or anything just stops and plays the next title (if its in a playlist). If you need anything tell me i'll post it