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  1. M

    Database errors since 1.0-b1

    Hi, Got a problem with the database with the 1.0b1. I get the Uncaught exception: TypeError: Cannot read property 'connect' that says that the db = require('db') went wrong. -> The confg should allow the usage of the db, tho. [Scripts.Privileges] sconomy-ng-db = ["db"] Could you...
  2. Nokia

    The bot will not run as root-user.

    Hello. I have such a minor problem and that I can not boot the boot even using the service! I was looking at previous posts but they are from 2015 and the root start no longer works. What should I do with it ? [email protected]:/Teamspeak# ./sinusbot help 2019/05/24 12:37:12 The bot will not run as...
  3. RickyMartin

    Audio Seeking Broken

    The audio.seek method still seems to be broken. I'm using the following code: event.on('chat', function (ev) { if (ev.text == "!seek") { audio.seek(200); } } It skips ahead in the web UI but it just replays the track from the beginning whether i'm streaming the file or playing a...
  4. Schecher_1

    Problem mit dem Befehl !yt

    Hallo liebes Forum, ich habe das Problem das ich keine YouTube Videos downloaden & dann anhören kann. Mit dem !yt befehl, dann kommt immer eine Fehler Meldung obwohl ich die neuste Version et cetera benutze. Info: Die Fehlermeldung ist --> youtube-dl not available System vom Server --> Win 10...
  5. F


    Hello, Before when I started SinusBot,the scripts start automatically, now this is no longer the case. Can you help me thanks
  6. H

    HTTP API - Add Job returning error code 406 despite completing the job

    Hi there, I've been messing around the the HTTP API but encountered an issue with the API request described in the Documentation as Upload_and_Download-addJob After sending the POST request to api/v1/bot/jobs, SinusBot downloads the requested link and completes the job, but the POST request...
  7. FoxXxHater

    Mein Bot Akzeptiert keine Scripts || My Bot dont load any Scripts

    --DEUTSCH-- Hallo alle zusammen, ich habe leider ein kleines Problem... und zwar wenn ich irgend ein Script installiere oder herunterlade, zeigt der Bot dieses Script NICHT im Reiter Scripts an, im Dashboard. Da ist es egal ob ich es extern installiere oder direkt im Dashboard... das ein...
  8. NeilofSteel

    Solved channelUpdate Event Bug

    I posted more information here: https://forum.sinusbot.com/threads/channelupdate-event-invoker-nicht-verfügbar.6746/#post-38027 The channelUpdate event callback parameter is returning a channel instead of an object with channel and invoker.
  9. G

    EN getChannelGroup dont update

    Hello, I have the problem that in the following code the channel group is set only once. If you want to check the updated group again, the old value still exists. When the bot or the bot reconnects it will be updated and the code will do what it should do but after that you have to reconnect...
  10. DJ_Ironic

    Error: Guru Meditation #004-711-10

    Hi, two days ago our Sinus decided to ignore all commands, not be able to load scripts like (Tuneskill ranksystem) or basically work. It will just join the channel and do nothing. Ignoring commands. We use the newest Sinus and TS3. Both of them we tried/update as a standard debug process. OS...
  11. zALECz

    Bug: http.simpleRequest ignoriert headers

    Hallo liebes SinusBot-Team, Beim Scripten ist mir aufgefallen, dass die http.simpleRequest-Funktion die Header die man mitgibt ignoriert und den Request ohne sie abschickt. Mein Request var http = require('http'); http.simpleRequest({ method: 'PATCH', url: 'https://***.de', debug...
  12. Neamcrain

    Bot ignores commands after some time

    Hello, after the installation from the bot the commands working properly but after a restart or some time 5-10 minutes they dont work anymore. And after selecting a default channel it stops working too. I tried TS3 3.5.0 and 3.5.1 I tried to install sinusbot manually and with script both...
  13. Arpanus

    Nur Discord-Instanz möglich, erweiterte Lösung

    Guten Abend, zu erstmal bedanke ich mich herzlich für dieses Projekt da es bis anhin ohne Probleme funktioniert. So eben wollte ich einen neue Instanz erstellen für meinen TS3 Server. Wie bereits beschrieben werde ich nur nach dem Token gefragt und habe keinen Reiter um eine TS-Instanz zu...
  14. J


    I'am on debian 9.5 and the music lag but the bot have 4 ms and no packet lost i don't know why i search on your forum but nothing work so you have a solution ? the SampleInterval is at 160 like this post https://forum.sinusbot.com/threads/laggy-and-distorted-audio-attached.822/ but laggin again
  15. kylenator21

    Mobile Access Bug Report

    When I try to choose a song on the online sinusbot panel on my cell phone it will only show the first 40 songs in the playlist. If I set it to request desktop mode it will do the same thing.
  16. S

    !registration bug and Discord role feature

    Hello everyone, I just wanted to inform you that !registration disable doesn't seem to work. The bot doesn't answer, and I think the registration doesn't get disabled. The other thing is that I saw "support Discord roles" in the changelog and I thought I could manage permissions through the...
  17. TomoS

    Sinsubot panel (Loading, please wait)

    When i try open sinusbot panel via alias (previously worked) then i have this. I had previously installed apache but I have already removed and I still can not enter the panel via the alias - via IP works normally.
  18. O

    Solved Fehler bei Installation

    Guten Tag, Ich versuche gerade meinen Sinusbot neuzuinstallieren, was aufgrund eines Fehlers nicht geht. Entweder öffnet er sich oder startet erst garnicht und anschließend wenn ich das Programm starte und das Lizenzabkommen akzeptieren muss, schließt sich die Datei direkt. Wenn ich es schaffe...
  19. C

    [DISCORD] Bot connected on channel, but no sound

    Hello, I recently migrated from TeamSpeak 3 to Discord. Then I set up the bot for Discord and followed every single rule on the FAQ. The bot is connected into a voice channel, but it doesn't make any sound. The music is playing on the admin panel. Bot Version : SinusBot 0.13.37-9791176...
  20. alsoGAMER

    Sinusbot panel stuck after starting

    When i start the bot the panel stuck in Loading.. Please wait, but the bot fully works... i don't know what i can do.. i've tried all