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Solved Sinusbot for Ts3 3.2.x

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Hey, I just wanted to install Sinusbot on my PC, but always if I want to install, there comes: "No compatible Version of Temspeak 3 (3.1.x, 64bit) has been found, so Sinusbot can only be installed for Discord". So I just wanted to know, if there is a compatible Version with Ts3 3.2.x
Thx 4 the Answers


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If it says > your version 3.2.x is not compatible, and it needs a version 3.1.x, and you are sure that you have the lastes version of sinusbot installed, I guess you need a 3.1.x client version of teamspeak and there is NO sinusbot-version compatible with a Ts3-clientversion 3.2.x yet.
*not knowing anything, just analysing facts you gave us...


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I too am having this issue, I've just downloaded the exe from the URL posted above specifically the build with "-2" in it. I'm running on Windows Server 2012 r2.

My version of Teamspeak is valid: http://myscreenshots.io/mstsc_2018-10-12_21-04-05.png -- that latest build just doesn't seem to be detecting it properly for some reason.

Per: http://myscreenshots.io/mstsc_2018-10-12_21-05-31.png

The build prior to this, (from the download tab), installed, seemed to detect teamspeak within the installer. But then when running the application, there is no option for me to add instances for Teamspeak. Only Discord.


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Install the latest ts client and make sure it's 64bit.
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