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  1. nicatrip

    Sinusbot Azerbaijan Translations

    🤔How to install ? 1) /opt/sinusbotname/data/locales - import 2) go to sinusbot panel 3) Settings 4) Peronel Settings 5) Language - Azeri 6) and it finished - Download: click to By: GrizTeam [ADMIN: Rip]
  2. I

    Bot will nicht Starten

    ========================================================== SINUSBOT RELATED SYSTEM INFORMATION - Operating System: Debian GNU/Linux 8.11 (jessie) - Kernel: Linux 4.9.0-0.bpo.9-amd64 x86_64 - Load Average: 0.42 0.29 0.14 - Uptime: 0 days, 0 hours, 5 minutes, 46 seconds - OS x64 check: OK -...
  3. M

    Sinusbot - TS3 connection problem

    Hello, I can't find solution to fix my problem. I just reinstalled sinusbot by using your script from this site: https://sinusbot-installer.de/ My Specs: SinusBot version: 1.0.0-beta.3-735814e TS3 Client version: 3.3.0 Server version: 3.9.1 OS: Debian 9 64 bit Hardware specs: VPS on net-speak.pl...
  4. Deny

    TS3/Discord Simple Track Info 1.0.0

    It shows u the Track Information Command : (prefix u can choose between ! / . / none) + track
  5. R

    Ts3 Radio Sender

    Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, Mein Lost - FFM Team würde gerne eine On Air Show machen und würde gerne Live gehen und wir wollten fragen ob man mit dem Sinusbot live gehen kann. Wir meinen mit dem Live gehen das wir über die Bots reden kann und es dann auf jeden Bot übertragen werden kann...
  6. vERKE

    Solved Cache folder is huge

    Hi! I was browsing through my sinusbot files, and I came by this folder: /opt/sinusbot/data/ts3/5656a61f-b593-404f-b863-5f83e1def272/0230cec5-44fe-449e-83a4-dba734892870/cache/remote There is 8GB data in that folder. Can I delete it? It is taking up a lot of space, and I only have 20GB for my...
  7. darkstream

    EN Ban system

    Hi every body We know than ban system of TeamSpeak can be bypassed. What if we could ban not ip, uid and nickname but HWID for e.g hwid of network card or motherboard. It would be cool. I hope someone can make it
  8. R

    Solved Sinusbot for Ts3 3.2.x

    Hey, I just wanted to install Sinusbot on my PC, but always if I want to install, there comes: "No compatible Version of Temspeak 3 (3.1.x, 64bit) has been found, so Sinusbot can only be installed for Discord". So I just wanted to know, if there is a compatible Version with Ts3 3.2.x Thx 4 the...
  9. Kamikaze

    TS3 TwitchStatus Advanced (Custom Overview) 1.1.2

    Twitch Status with Streamer List Advanced Twitch Status Script with Overview Channel. Features: Unlimited Streamer Channels with Live-Status Overview Channel which contain a list with all streamers including: Streamtitle Playing Game Viewer count Follower count Twitch Profil URL Supporting...
  10. Detweiler

    Sinusbot (TS3) startet, verbindet und verlässt sofort wieder

    Hey ho, ich muss zugeben ich bin kein Profi in dem Bereich. Jedoch ist es auch nicht das erste mal, dass ich den Sinusbot installiere. Leider bin ich auf ein Problem gestoßen, der Sinusbot verbindet sich zum Server (Start via WI) aber quittet sofort wieder. Ich hab das Diagnose Script mal laufen...
  11. F

    TS3 ServerGroup Assignment Notifier 1.0

    Plays an audio track when a servergroup is assigned. Multiple servergroups may be tracked Does not pause/resume music (may be added in future release) May or may not work on discord (untested)
  12. N

    Cant install TS3 in SinusBot

    So I tried the automatic installation, and the manual, but I cant install TS3 to sinusbot with neither.
  13. Multivitamin

    TeamSpeak ServerQuery 1.0.0

    This Library allows you to connect to a TeamSpeak 3 Server Query Notice: This is a Library which may be required by other Scripts! This is not a standalone Script! FOR ALL WHO INSTALL THIS LIBRARY To be able to use the Script the User needs to alter the config.ini and add this 2 lines...
  14. B

    Solved Sinusbot needs an older Teamspeak version to work but the new TS3 update doesn't allow older versions of teamspeak to connect to my server

    what the title says, I open Sinus bot, it opens the older teamspeak to run Sinusbot, it tries to connect to my server, as of the last teamspeak update it says the teamspeak client needs to be updated to go on my server, sinus won't run if I update the teamspeak client, so i'm stuck at an impass...
  15. Walhfort

    Discord - TS Gateway

    Hi, I recently thought of a using a bot to offer a way of linking a TS to a Discord channel. The bot would connect in a TS AND a Discord, and link voice from one to the other and back. I was wondering if it was possible, and if it was, if anyone had any idea about how to do it. Thanks, Walhfort
  16. T


    Hi! I start the bot with ./sinusbot. But I cant detach it or close Putty without killing the sinusbotsession. Pls Help me ;=)
  17. Patrick15a

    Bug Bugs mit einigen Channel Funktionen

    Betriebsystem: Linux und Windows SinusBot Version: 0.9.18-8499d2c TS3 Version: Problembeschreibung: Wenn man folgende funktionen an einem channel von "ev.client.getChannels()[0]" ausübt kommt immer die fehlermeldung: Error in script: runtime error: invalid memory address or nil pointer...
  18. Patrick15a

    TS3 WelcomeMessage+ 1.0.6_Quick-Fix

    [WelcomeMessage+] Send a WelcomeMessage to a user when he joined the Server. Requirements: Sinusbot Version: 0.9.21+ Backend: Ts3 Last Version: 1.0.6_Quick-Fix (Direct Download) Last DevBuild Version: - Function in v1.0.x: Send a WelcomeMessage to the user who joined the Server with...
  19. Mezir

    Voice FAQ Bot 1.0

    Description: The script allows you to create a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) and respond to them in the form of voice. The minimum version of the bot to the script are: 0.9.16 Configuration: Presentation of the script (language Polish):
  20. F

    Can't use TS3 Properly anymore

    Operating System: Windows 10 SinusBot Version: 0.9.? TS3 Version: Problem Description Everytime I log into TS3, it will repeat "Trial" when I try to talk, even on my other Identities it will do the same thing, I uninstalled SinusBot, TS3 and deleted all config files and it still...