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.sinusbot.lock could not be opened, but that file does not exist

Discussion in 'Bugs & Feature Requests' started by KillerDoge, Oct 10, 2017.

  1. KillerDoge

    KillerDoge Member

    Operating System: Linux
    SinusBot Version: Latest
    TS3 Version: 3.0.13

    Problem Description
    Sinusbot was working, but when my VPS shut down at midnight (scheduled) the bot broke, It wouldn't start up because ".sinusbot.lock could not be opened"
  2. Diesmon

    Diesmon Donor is awesome! Insider

    That is the full error message?
  3. Reddexo

    Reddexo Donor is awesome!

  4. KillerDoge

    KillerDoge Member

  5. Diesmon

    Diesmon Donor is awesome! Insider

    No need to shout... we do not have magic crystal glass balls over here, not yet.
    We can't take a look into your server.
    I also asked if this was the full error message or not, because normally it shows the full path, like in the FAQ example.
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  6. KillerDoge

    KillerDoge Member

    Yeah, sorry It does show but my lazy ass didn't paste it in
    "Could not open /tmp/.sinusbot.lock. Is SinusBot already running?"
  7. Diesmon

    Diesmon Donor is awesome! Insider

    So did you actually tried to remove it and it gave you an error? Or did you just locked into the directory, didn't saw it and started to shout?
    Because its a hidden .file and not visibly with the normal ls command or a server-filebrowser

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