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what did i do wrong?


New Member

i did the local install below do i leave the url blank in my instance setting cant seem to get the tts to work​


Installing libraries from the Chromium project🔗

These are basic instructions for Linux. You need at least SinusBot 1.0 for this to work.
  • Download and install the library and the voices
cd /opt/sinusbot/tts
wget https://chromium.googlesource.com/c...+archive/master/speech_synthesis/patts.tar.gz
tar -xzf patts.tar.gz
rm patts.tar.gz
unzip tts_service_x86_64.nexe.zip
If the last command fails, you probably need to install unzip first. On Debian/Ubuntu this can be done with apt install unzip.

Afterwards, edit your config.ini to contain the following:

Enabled = true

Locale = "en-US"
Filename = "voice_lstm_en-US.zvoice"
PipelineFile = "voice_lstm_en-US/sfg/pipeline"
Prefix = "voice_lstm_en-US/sfg/"
Instances = 2

Locale = "de-DE"
Filename = "voice_lstm_de-DE.zvoice"
PipelineFile = "voice_lstm_de-DE/nfh/pipeline"
Prefix = "voice_lstm_de-DE/nfh/"
Instances = 2