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EN World Of Tanks TS3 Servermod

Hello, at first "sorry for my bad english"

I search an Servermod for TS3 For World of Tanks. unfortunately the World of Tanks Script here for Sinusbot dont work and i think, the Author isnt aktive anymore.
At last i used the LTS3Bot - its an only Adminbot for TS3 for World of Tanks, but its now discontinued. So my Hope is to find here an Solution with Sinusbot and the Scripts and your Help.

Thx for reading
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what is not working with the World of Tanks script? I use 3 scripts for the game and they all work for me.


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I use the following scripts:

Server Management for World of Tanks Clans 0.4
World of Tanks Clan Wars upcoming battles list 0.0.1
World of Tanks Players Online 0.0.1