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AFK mover (Away/Mute/Deaf/Idle)

TS3 AFK mover (Away/Mute/Deaf/Idle) v2.4.0

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Hi everyone,
I'm posting this notice because this script is still being used by a lot of people and there are still suggestions being posted.

First of: This script still works and will continue to work, even if it hasn't been updated in a very long time. The last update was in 2018!
But I am not actively maintaining this script anymore because I have no interest in it and do not need nor use it.
However, if you are a developer you can contribute to this script on GitHub (pull-requests are welcome!). You can find many suggestions (some are in German) in the Discussion Thread.
Hello random person reading this changelog, what's up?
Thanks for all of your feedback & likes :)

  • Added an option to set a custom message when the client gets moved
  • A bit less RAM usage (client data is cleared on disconnect)
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  • Fixed idle mover
  • Fixed notifications
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  • Fixed TypeError: Cannot access member 'some' of undefined which occurred when no black-/whitelist was set.
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  • Added an option to choose between channel whitelist/blacklist
  • The last version introduced a "feature" that interpreted the delay as milliseconds instead of minutes and also messed up some other time conversions. You could also call this a bug... Anyway, this release fixes it. ;)
  • Fixes a bug where the afk channel is not found (not my fault! At least I think it's not my fault... :oops:)
  • Fixed a bug where the client would not be moved
  • Reduced file-size by refactoring the code. Sounds fancy, right?
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Hey everyone,

it has been a while since I last updated this script (almost one year!)
and a lot of people have requested features since then.
One of those features is a channel blacklist and... well yeah it's now possible with this update.

Why did it take me so long?
On the one hand I've had limited time due to my final A level exams but now I've successfully finished them \o/
aaand on the other hand I just lost interest in writing/updating scripts for the bot and focused on other projects instead.
I know that people have suggested other features as well but I probably won't update this script very often.

Thanks to the people that still show(ed) interest in this script even though it didn't continue to be developed on.
And also thanks to the two people who even emailed me updated versions of my script (Maxime R. and another dude) even though I didn't directly use them since they missed some typos.
The ignore channel feature has also been requested by the following users:

Have a nice day :)
fixed the issue "Cannot access member 'id' of undefined at away_mover.js"
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New features:
  • move idle clients (use a reasonable time threshold! )
  • added option to notify afk users on why they've been moved (poke or chat)
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New features:
  • move on mute
  • move on deaf
  • ignore servergroups
  • added delay option
  • added warning if new scriptingengine is not detected
  • changed name & description to make it clear that this only moves people who set themselves as away