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TS3 Anti-Solitary-Clients 1.2.3

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  • fixed: multiple white-/blacklist groups not being recognized properly
  • fixed: group whitelisting not working
  • change: move-log named debug-log
  • fixed: on some occasions there might have been errors in the log, despite not affecting the function.
  • added: checking for audio status before taking action
You now select the three audio status, to ex- or include them, e.g. muted solitary clients won't get punished...​
  • added: assign a server group
You can add a server group on top of the punishment, directly or just for recurring culprits.​
  • fixed: small typos to clarify settings
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Reactions: itsme
  • adjust: lowered minimum threshold to one minute
  • adjust: clarified description in settings
  • fixed: setTimout on load not working as intended
Now you have three options for channel observation:
  • All channel
  • Whitelist-Mode (exclude some channel)
  • Blacklist-Mode (limit to only specific channel)