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AntiProxy [Block Proxies/VPNs] Say goodbye to ban evading

TS3 AntiProxy [Block Proxies/VPNs] Say goodbye to ban evading 2.5

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  • When clients connect via IPv6, Sinusbot (or TS) adds square brackets to it, so the previous version sent the string "[ipv6addresshere]" and it resulted as a malformed address. This version fixes this bug.
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This is a minor update, no need to update urgently.

  • Fixed a null reference in the API status check (occurs in debug logs in the rare case that the API is unreachable).
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As title says.
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Thanks to @Noukie for contributing to this update via GitHub ❤

  • Removed AntiBypass check: as reported by @DrWarpMan the latest TS3 server version makes impracticable for users to hide their IP address;
  • Added "addgroup" punishment: you can now add a custom group to a user that has been detected to restrict their actions or just see if he is a clean user and add him a group to whitelist him.
    please note that i_group_member_add_power permission should be given to the bot;
  • Fixed a minor bug that showed "null null" on "Last detection" string showed in !antiproxy info;
  • Removed the "enable switch" and the related !antiproxy enable/disable commands (you can do that via the web interface of SinusBot).
Fix a typo in the email address.


  • Added the support for the new scripting API, this version works on SinusBot 1.0.0-alpha.6 and greater.
Thanks for @olokos for contributing on this upgrade.
Hello, update post time.
I want to start by thanking all the donators that are using AntiProxy on big TeamSpeak servers and are enjoying it 100%, you're awesome.

I want to tell that i'm working on a huge update of the system that will allow Server Administrators to have a more reliable way to detect trolls, also if they are not using any kind of Proxy/VPN. (Can't say much right now as it is under highly developent and study).

Talking about the Proxy API i am still not able to cover the costs by donations but it should be ok for now as i can sustain it. Two days ago i did a huge purge of cached IPs in order to improve even more the detection of proxies.

I want to get in touch with you guys by reporting me (via email at: [email protected] or via github.com/xDefcon/sinusbot-scripts by creating a new issue) all the new feature you want to see and what bothers you as a server admin/moderator when facing with spam/troll users. (If you want to be an active part of the development, hit me up, github is there for that).

Thanks for your time ;)
  • Fixed AntiBypass that will run also if disabled.
  • Added an option to set the interval of AntiBypass checks.
Finally, 2.0 is out! It took a lot of time as I was really busy with work and study, and had a really poor time to dedicate to SinusBot. As it is a thing now, version 2.0 aims to add the most requested features on GitHub and here on the Forums, such as AntiBypass and a new Whitelist system.
I just noticed we passed 1100 downloads, that's awesome. In these days I noticed a huge increment of requests through my API, this means the project is becoming used globally (wow).
I want to remember that if you want to contribute and supporting the costs I have monthly (over 80 euros excluding some things), you can consider donating and, by doing that, you'll receive unlimited API requests per hour!

  • Added support for API key directly in the configuration. Those who supported the project with a donation got a key that allows them to remove the limitation of 150 queries per hour that now has to be inserted in the config through the web-interface.
  • Added !antiproxy whitelist <ipaddress> command: This will temporarily whitelist the specified IP unless the bot restarts.
  • Added a new Whitelist system: it supports both IP addresses and Group IDs. You can choose if check only specific groups (inverted mode) or whitelist the selected ones (normal mode).
  • Added AntiBypass check: This will block bypassers that use external programs to fake/hide their IP address.
  • Fixed client URLs not showing correctly in the chat
  • Other changes I forgot...
API Changelog:
  • All the reported IP addresses were re-scanned and the detection is now more accurate.
  • Updated the data sources (databases with all IP addresses information that is used to determine if an address is a proxy or not)
  • Improved the scan methods that are used to accurately detect if an address is a proxy or not
  • Code and DB enhancements that resulted in 10% less load in the servers.
Hello everyone,
This is an update post regarding my biggest project here in SinusBot community (not in my developer life tho :p).

First of all, I want to thank everybody that is using the script and everyone that contributed by reporting issues and suggesting new features on GitHub (link at the bottom of the presentation page). After my gratitude, I want to give you updates on what happened and what is going to happen in the next days: The API has changed a lot and it is now a complete and compatible system to detect 99% of the proxies mainly related to TeamSpeak 3 servers. Let me give you some numbers:
  • More than 100.000 new proxies detected/checked or queried after release
  • More than 800 servers (approx.) used my service, thanks!
  • 96% of the queries resulted in a clean IP.
After saying this, I have to tell you that currently, the max requests per hour limit has been enforced to 150 (before it was written 150, but I actually set it to 500) as the API is now stable. In addition to this, I want to really thank everybody who purchased an API key with a donation that will support my project and what I am offering for free to everyone, but, as the user base is expanding, I can't guarantee that this service could be offered for free in a near future, all depends on your donations and my monthly earnings (from my work), so please, if you love and use my script and you have the possibility, make a donation (also a small one), it will be appreciated by me and other users that are using AntiProxy (paypal: [email protected]).

In the end, version 2.0 of the script with a lot of new features you suggested is coming soon, some of them are:
  1. New whitelist and blacklist system
  2. Add server group as a punishment for detected users
  3. Ignore people with a specific server group
  4. Range/ASN whitelist/blacklist (maybe in future releases)
Thanks for your time, and if you reached this point, smash the like button below :cool: