1. The bot currently doesn't work with version 3.1 of the TS client. Please downgrade to an older version. Read this for more information on how to downgrade.

AntiProxy [Block Proxies/VPNs] Say goodbye to ban evading 1.1

Detects and blocks Proxies and VPNs commonly used to evade a ban. A must have for your TeamSpeak.

  1. v1.1 - Bugfix and Whitelist

    The script is finally out of beta. If you encounter bugs or you want to suggest new features please do this on GitHub.

    • Added a new IP whitelist system (if you encounter bugs or false detections you should use it and then report the issue to me). @Lightning
    • Fixed errors when performing punishments if some variables in the config were undefined. @solding
    • Fixed a minor debug message that...