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AntiProxy [Block Proxies/VPNs] Say goodbye to ban evading

TS3 AntiProxy [Block Proxies/VPNs] Say goodbye to ban evading 2.6

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  • Increased the Http requests timeout as it was too low and could lead to failed requests when the connection isn't that good.
  • When clients connect via IPv6, Sinusbot (or TS) adds square brackets to it, so the previous version sent the string "[ipv6addresshere]" and it resulted as a malformed address. This version fixes this bug.
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This is a minor update, no need to update urgently.

  • Fixed a null reference in the API status check (occurs in debug logs in the rare case that the API is unreachable).
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As title says.
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Thanks to @Noukie for contributing to this update via GitHub ❤

  • Removed AntiBypass check: as reported by @DrWarpMan the latest TS3 server version makes impracticable for users to hide their IP address;
  • Added "addgroup" punishment: you can now add a custom group to a user that has been detected to restrict their actions or just see if he is a clean user and add him a group to whitelist him.
    please note that i_group_member_add_power permission should be given to the bot;
  • Fixed a minor bug that showed "null null" on "Last detection" string showed in !antiproxy info;
  • Removed the "enable switch" and the related !antiproxy enable/disable commands (you can do that via the web interface of SinusBot).
Fix a typo in the email address.


  • Added the support for the new scripting API, this version works on SinusBot 1.0.0-alpha.6 and greater.
Thanks for @olokos for contributing on this upgrade.
Hello, update post time.
I want to start by thanking all the donators that are using AntiProxy on big TeamSpeak servers and are enjoying it 100%, you're awesome.

I want to tell that i'm working on a huge update of the system that will allow Server Administrators to have a more reliable way to detect trolls, also if they are not using any kind of Proxy/VPN. (Can't say much right now as it is under highly developent and study).

Talking about the Proxy API i am still not able to cover the costs by donations but it should be ok for now as i can sustain it. Two days ago i did a huge purge of cached IPs in order to improve even more the detection of proxies.

I want to get in touch with you guys by reporting me (via email at: [email protected] or via by creating a new issue) all the new feature you want to see and what bothers you as a server admin/moderator when facing with spam/troll users. (If you want to be an active part of the development, hit me up, github is there for that).

Thanks for your time ;)
  • Fixed AntiBypass that will run also if disabled.
  • Added an option to set the interval of AntiBypass checks.
Finally, 2.0 is out! It took a lot of time as I was really busy with work and study, and had a really poor time to dedicate to SinusBot. As it is a thing now, version 2.0 aims to add the most requested features on GitHub and here on the Forums, such as AntiBypass and a new Whitelist system.
I just noticed we passed 1100 downloads, that's awesome. In these days I noticed a huge increment of requests through my API, this means the project is becoming used globally (wow).
I want to remember that if you want to contribute and supporting the costs I have monthly (over 80 euros excluding some things), you can consider donating and, by doing that, you'll receive unlimited API requests per hour!

  • Added support for API key directly in the configuration. Those who supported the project with a donation got a key that allows them to remove the limitation of 150 queries per hour that now has to be inserted in the config through the web-interface.
  • Added !antiproxy whitelist <ipaddress> command: This will temporarily whitelist the specified IP unless the bot restarts.
  • Added a new Whitelist system: it supports both IP addresses and Group IDs. You can choose if check only specific groups (inverted mode) or whitelist the selected ones (normal mode).
  • Added AntiBypass check: This will block bypassers that use external programs to fake/hide their IP address.
  • Fixed client URLs not showing correctly in the chat
  • Other changes I forgot...
API Changelog:
  • All the reported IP addresses were re-scanned and the detection is now more accurate.
  • Updated the data sources (databases with all IP addresses information that is used to determine if an address is a proxy or not)
  • Improved the scan methods that are used to accurately detect if an address is a proxy or not
  • Code and DB enhancements that resulted in 10% less load in the servers.