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  1. Relentless

    TS3 Holiday Groups 1.0.0

    [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] Credits: Author: RLNT <https://github.com/RLNT> SinusBot-Discord - filled with helpful people <https://discord.gg/h6s5Ykc> EinfachRobin If you want to request a script for personal use or if you just have a good idea for another public script, join our Discord and...
  2. RabbitPolish

    SinusBot Problem connect with TS3

    TS3 Server version: 3.12.1 SinusBot version: 1.0.0-beta.10-202ee4d Hi I have problem with sinusbot. Website is online and worked but i can't connect with my TS3. Ts3 and SinusBot is hosted on my VPS. When i try connect i only see in console. And write that any ports is not available. 2020/08/21...
  3. S

    Sinusbot connected nicht mit Ts3 Server.

    Hallo, Ich habe ein Problem. Ich habe auf meinem RootServer meinem Teamspeak 3 Server, sowie meinem Sinusbot. Also alles localhost. Der Server läuft auf Debian GNU/Linux 8.11 (jessie) mit einer Kernel Version von 4.9.0-0.bpo.12-amd64. Der Server hat 800 GB SSD, sowie 32 GB DDR4 Ram und den AMD...
  4. SrMathew

    Problem with youtube scripts

    Hello, I have a sinusbot panel, I installed the youtube script and at the beginning everything was fine, my problem is that when it comes to putting some group from the ts3 can use commands like: !Stop, !Vol etc ... no it lets you, only allow !youtube to those people, at first if it worked for...
  5. Jeydi

    Sinusbot Skript funktionieren nicht

    Hallo, sobald ich ein sinusbot Skript lade zb Digitalclock, ich stelle dann alles ein aber im Teamspeak passiert Nichts rein Garnichts ... Musik vom bot Läuft einwandfrei. nur die Skript funktionieren einfach nicht. ----------------------------------------- Debian/10 arch/amd64 Sinusbot/Latest...
  6. Jeydi

    Solved Sinusbot startet auf TS3 nicht

    2020/05/19 22:39:46 f0c69cc4 2a3cbe8e DEBUG eof from voice 2020/05/19 22:39:46 f0c69cc4 2a3cbe8e DEBUG closing channels 2020/05/19 22:39:46 f0c69cc4 2a3cbe8e DEBUG eof from data 2020/05/19 22:39:52 f0c69cc4 2a3cbe8e DEBUG Storing configuration. 2020/05/19 22:39:58 f0c69cc4 2a3cbe8e DEBUG...
  7. G

    EN Random command

    Hello, I want to create a random command with SinusBot I've tried differents methods but none works command.createCommand('random') .help('Play a random track') .manual('Play a random track.') .checkPermission(requirePrivileges(PLAYBACK)) .exec((client, args...
  8. B

    Solved Youtube: Bot not playing music anymore/only certain links work

    So the bot only plays certain songs: <00:08:06> "banananex": !yt https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yeqWYegk5Ds <00:08:15> "banananex": !yt https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3y0fo5Xee4w <00:08:24> "banananex": !yt https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aI3yNckfSvU <00:08:34> "banananex": !yt...
  9. amiras90

    Error In Start Bot

    Hi Guys help pls
  10. Deso

    won't fix [old linux kernel] Sinusbot not connecting to any server of any version

    My sinusbot bot is no longer going to connect to any server and on any version that I have tested (I have also tried on other public servers to test if it could at least connect) if you can help me, I'd be grateful Best regards, Rei SinusBot version : SinusBot 1.0.0-beta.10-202ee4d TS Client...
  11. Frizzant

    EN Can I Send Custom TS3 Querys?

    I am looking to write a script which would need functions that Sinusbot does not offer. Is there a way to issue custom querys/commands to the TS3 Server Instance? I could not find such options in the Sinusbot documentation.
  12. Nocturnal_Toker

    Sinusbot + YoutubeWebInterface - Error help :)

    We where using the bot ourselves a few hours ago no issues then randomly it just stopped working. I have tried a server restart, a program restart. I removed the script started the bot and then reinstalled the script and restarted it and still nothing. Can anyone shed some light on what this...
  13. CubE135

    Solved Sinusbot von "außen" bedienen

    Hallo, ist es irgendwie möglich den Sinusbot von z.B. einer externen Webseite zu bedienen. Ich dachte da an irgendwelche POST Requests oder so über die ich z.B. Musik starten, anhalten skippen etc. kann. Wäre das möglich? MfG CubE135
  14. DoniSaalbauer

    Bot startet nach verlängerung nicht mehr auf TS

    Hallo, seitdem wir den Sinusbot verlängert haben, ist kein gemeinsamer Server mehr verfügbar. Wäre cool wenn mir jemand helfen könnte ohne musik zocken ist doof. = (
  15. Sorienrot

    Solved Can you access the sinusbot web files?

    I ask this because I have created a subdomain to avoid using the port in the url. I have done all this from Apache with an alias and dns registration. Subdomain: sinusbot.xxxxx.es >>> xxxx.es:8087 The problem arises is that I want to use the https and to create the certificate I need to put a...
  16. R

    Sinusbots don´t start after the update

    Hey, I have done a update of Sinusbot with this Link https://sinusbot-installer.de/ Now I want to start the Sinusbots but it dosen´t work. The bots don´t connect to the server and it says: TSClient quit. LogLevel...
  17. F

    Teamspeak verbindung nicht möglich

    Wunderschönen guten Tag allerseits, ich habe folgendes Problem: Ich möchte gerne den Sinusbot auf meinen Teamspeak³-Server nutzen, jedoch finde ich im dafür vorgesehenen Interface keinerlei Optionen zum einstellen der Connection. Sprich IP oder sonstiges. Statdessen will der Bot immer einen...
  18. nicatrip

    Sinusbot Azerbaijan Translations

    🤔How to install ? 1) /opt/sinusbotname/data/locales - import 2) go to sinusbot panel 3) Settings 4) Peronel Settings 5) Language - Azeri 6) and it finished - Download: click to By: 4OFF[ADMIN: Rip]
  19. RazvanGFX

    EN Anti-Ban

    Hi, can someone create a custom script Anti-Ban ? I want to make this: When SomeOne give 3 bans in row he will remove from all servergroups and banned permanently automatic, but with a option wishlist group that can't be banned from bot. I can pay if script works.
  20. A

    `GLIBC_2.18' not found

    Hello guys, I got problem with starting my bot, i switched to new VPS and i tried many things which i found on the forum to fix this problem, but still doesnt work... im using sinusbot installer like on the old vps (sinus bot works on old vps - i got same settings and other stuff). Any tips to...