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Automated Servergroups

TS3 Automated Servergroups 2.2.2

No permission to download
Nachdem ich einen Bug reportet habe wurde dieser innerhalb 30 min gefixt und nun funktioniert es genau so wie ich es brauche!
Works perfectly, exactly what i was looking for !! Thanks !!

Debian GNU/Linux 9.9 (stretch)
Kernel: Linux 4.9.0-9-amd64
ts3client_linux_amd64 (Version 3.3.0)
Sinusbot Version: 1.0.0-beta.5-b262b6a
Really cool, but it would be nice if I can add a "If he doesn't have this group". For example: "Add this group, when he gets this group, if he doesn't have this group
Pretty okey. Working pretty well after fixing that bug. Well i hope you will add something like servergroupadder after joining specific channel.