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  1. Relentless

    TS3 RLNT Message User on Join 1.0.0

    [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] Credits: Author: RLNT <https://github.com/RLNT> SinusBot-Discord - filled with helpful people <https://discord.gg/h6s5Ykc> Multivitamin - helps comensating my stupidness (sometimes :D) irgendwer - the "rude" better part of Multivitamin but helps me too :* (edited by...
  2. Relentless

    TS3 RLNT Automated Header Groups 1.0.0

    Wie ihr seht gibt es einige Übergruppen, die andere Gruppen zu einer Sektion zusammenfassen. Beispielsweise sind meine Gruppen Owner, Admin, Super Mod, Mod, usw. in der Sektion ### Rollen ### Das schafft eine bessere Übersicht; nicht nur wenn jemand die Servergruppen vergibt, sondern auch im...
  3. Diesmon

    OKlib 1.0.6

    OKlib by Tuetchen and Diesmon This is a powerful Library for the SinusBot Script Engine, which will simplify many common use cases for the ‘everyday’ script functions and tasks The minimum needed SinusBot version is: 0.13.37 For Users: If your log says something like: “OKlib is missing...
  4. cakemasher

    SpamControl 1.4

    Because the configuration of the script can be a little cluttered, I've created a seperate web interface purely to configure the bot. With this update, the web interface allows you to configure the bot more easly. Read before continuing: When you replace the old SpamControl script (version 1.2...
  5. Relentless

    EN [Request] Add servergroup when being a member of a steam group (also DE translated)

    EN: Hello there Sinusbot-Community, it's quite a long time ago since I used sinusbot and I see that this community spent a lot of work on scripting which makes me really happy. I am still missing a script I would love to have for my new TeamSpeak server. Important is that this script should run...
  6. Tuetchen

    Steam User Query 1.3

    Steam User Query This script assigns a specific Server Group to a Client depending on the current State of their Steam Account. It can either simply display the online status or scan for specific games that are played. Installation Move the script file to the script folder Install the...
  7. B

    GroupCounter - ChannelNameManager 3.0

    With this script you can display, how many users of a certain group a currently online (liveupdates). I'm using this to show, how many Supporters are currently online. You can set up one group for every channel (let me know if someone needs this to be extended). Example: Leave a review if...
  8. B

    betterAFK 1.2

    With this Script you can easily move idle users into a configured AFK-Channel. You can select groups and uuids, which the bot should not interact with. You can also select channels as alternate AFK-Channels and the bot won't move clients out of these channels. After a certain amount of time...
  9. Tunakill

    Discord viewer 0.2.3

    With this script you can show how many user are currently on your discord server and all channel including their user. Setup: Enable widget and paste your server id to your script setting.
  10. Tunakill

    EN Tunakill's Rankingsystem

    ENGLISH VERSION BELOW Hi, ich habe in den letzten Wochen an einem Ranksystem für den Sinusbot entwickelt! Dieses Script funktioniert so ähnlich wie das Ranksystem von TS-N.net. Jetzige Funktionen: - Die Zeit, die ein User zum nächsten Level braucht, kann in Sekunden angegeben werden -...
  11. MineTech13

    Outdated AutoStudio [Codec/Quality Changer] 1.3.2

    Beschreibung: Dieses Script Editiert bei Move des Botes den Neuen und den Alten Channel. Neuer Channel: - Setzt den Channel Codec auf den in der config ausgewählten Codec. - Setzt die Channel Qualität auf die in der config ausgewählten Qualtity. Alter Channel: - Setzt den Channel Codec wieder...
  12. Patrick15a

    TS3 Support-Channel Manager (BETA | only in german) 2.1.13-BETA

    Support-Channel Manager This plugin allows you to open/close your Support Channel with individually controlled time and custom commands! Important: This script is currently a GERMAN BETA and can have bugs. If you found one PLEASE PM ME! Thanks for over 3.000 Downloads. That's incredible...
  13. Crank

    Outdated Nametag 2.1

    The Script can edit the Description and the Name of the Bot. You can choose, which things it edit. You can write your own Description. If the Music turn of, the Description and the Name is Offline. --- Das Script kann die Beschreibung verändern und den Namen von dem Bot. Du kannst auswählen...
  14. S

    DE [Request] Bot greetings (different servergroups)

    Hallo, ich bin derzeit nicht so fit in .js. Mir schwebt eine Anpassung des "Welcome Scripts" vor, welche den User je nach Server Gruppe anders begrüßt. Jemand evt. schon was produktives im Einsatz und würde seine Lösung teilen?
  15. 5rock4

    Feature Setting to stop streaming audio when nobody else is present in the channel.

    This would be a major bandwidth saver for people who don't always have their bot's channel occupied. (I'm sorry if you don't like me making too many threads for feature requests. I don't want to piggyback my threads.)