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Automatic Server Group Assigner

Automatic Server Group Assigner 1.4.3

No permission to download
Eine gute bewertung ist das Mindeste. Danke!

ich finde das Script echt gut
Leider erkennt der Bot anscheinend nicht, ob ein Query bot eine Gruppe zuweist/entfernt. Wäre cool wenn man da was machen könnte.

Dafür gibt es keine Möglichkeit meines Wissens, außer man würde manuell Query Bot UID etc irgendwie hinterlegen
Geiles Script, funktioniert Supper!
Awsome! Works 100% for me. Finally i can work on other things than giving everyone a ServerGroup
2018-05-28T12:34:08+05:00 OKlib :90 clientServerGroupAddToGroups: Provided no Group to add

But The Group provided
The script doesn't work for me.
It loads and everything but when I go into the channel I can't get rid of the rank. Please give me a little direction. Thanks =)
Sorry for my bad English!
Wohl nicht die lib installiert.
Fantastic i use to set push to talk in public
Works as intended.
Please add configurable messages & time to wait in specified channel before bot will give rank
+ runs perfectly
+ easy installation
+ user-friendly control
Working as I expect.

Thanks a lot.
Could you add the feature whether that servergroup should be removed after leaving that channel or not?
Isnt it already included? - else i just have to upload it i guess^^
Good work!
Can i Make the hole Server for the Groups?
If you think giving a negative Rating is a proper way to request something i can tell you: Nope it isnt
Could you add one feature, not a specific channel but a specific groups ? thanks :)
So a group should get autoadded another group or what? Dont really understand it^^