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server group

  1. Kamikaze

    DE HTTP Error bei getPermissions()

    Benutze neuste Sinusbot Version auf Windows. event.on('chat', function(ev) { var Client = backend.getClientByID(ev.client.id()); var clServerGroups = Client.getServerGroups(); clServerGroups.forEach(function(svg) { var perm =...
  2. F

    EN [Request] Achievement Bot

    my idea is the bot give specific server group like steam games for example: if user stay on server for 12 hours the bot give a server group (as you like). also if user joind on server 100times the bot give a server group. Put also bots or jail server group can't get server group Thanks
  3. F

    EN Admins Status if online or no

    A script that show the status of the selected server group in the description of a channel. As example: Admin 1. AdminName1 --> Status: online --> Channel: thechanneloftheadmin(if private don't show it --> Online since: --- 2. AdminName2 --> Status: online --> Channel: thechanneloftheadmin(if...
  4. Tuetchen

    Server Group Timer 1.1

    Automatic Server Group Assigner A small and simple script that restricts the access to specific Server Groups for a specified Duration for each Client. The Time can be configurated for each Server Group separately. Installation Move the script file to the script folder Install the OKlib from...
  5. Tuetchen

    Steam Level Query 1.1

    Steam Level Query This script assigns specific predefined Server Group to a Client depending on their current Steam Level. Installation Move the script file to the script folder Install the OKlib from https://forum.sinusbot.com/resources/oklib.325/ Create a Steam API Key at...
  6. Pheeko

    EN getPermissions() does not work with ServerGroup object.

    When I try to retrieve ServerGroup permission list it prompts with this error: Error in script (event chat): TypeError: 'getPermissions' is not a function Methods id() and name() works perfectly. The others like: icon() and getPermissions() returns same error: Here's the code. var raw_groups =...
  7. Relentless

    EN [Request] Add servergroup when being a member of a steam group (also DE translated)

    EN: Hello there Sinusbot-Community, it's quite a long time ago since I used sinusbot and I see that this community spent a lot of work on scripting which makes me really happy. I am still missing a script I would love to have for my new TeamSpeak server. Important is that this script should run...
  8. Tuetchen

    Recent Steam Game Server Group Assigner 1.0

    Recent Steam Game Server Group Assigner This script assigns server groups according to the recent (last 14 days) played games on steam. Make sure the steam profiles are set to public else the information can not be accessed. Right now due to Problems with the Sinusbot Backend this Script can...
  9. Tuetchen

    Automatic Server Group Assigner 1.4.3

    Automatic Server Group Assigner A small and simple script that adds or removes server groups to every user joining a specific channel. You can configure multiple channels to check. If needed you can exclude users that have a specific server group to ever get assigned/removed any server groups...
  10. LEpEX

    Group Distributor 4.0

    Mit diesem Script ist es euch möglich per Befehl eine Server Gruppe zu vergeben. Heiß wenn ihr so ein paar Gruppen habt die keine besondere Funktion haben könnt ihr sie darüber vergeben. Aber ihr könnt auch Gruppen wie NoPoke, NoMove vergeben und entscheiden welche Server Gruppen die...
  11. H

    How do I unbind my TS identity from Music Bot?

    The problem I am having is that my Teamspeak Identity is bound to the MusicBot. I cannot assign a server group to myself because it assigns the same one to the music bot. How do I fix this? Thank you.
  12. #DRFR0ST

    EN Add user to server group

    Hi, i was looking all around the internet and i still got no answer which goes like this: Is there a way to add user to a server group? For example a user joins the channel which the bot is located on and the user types a command with the groups ID as a parameter into the channels chat then the...
  13. C

    Solved Bot ignoriert Servergruppen

    Hallo, als erstes sorry wenn dieses Thema schon irgendwo behandelt wurde, aber ich habe es nirgendwo gefunden. Ich habe jetzt schon das zweite mal den Sinusbot Version 0.9.8 (die neueste Version die ich beim offiziellen Download gefunden habe) für Linux auf meinem Server installiert. Als ersten...
  14. A

    DE [Script Request] Ruhe Bot

    Hallo, ich wolle eine Bot machen der wenn man ihn mit !ruhe on anschreibt dass er dann einen rang vergibt und bei !ruhe off diesen wieder wegnimmt. Dies soll aber nur funktionieren wenn der User mindestens Verifiziert ist. kenne mich leider nicht sehr gut mit JS aus. ~ Andre