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Next track please!

TS3/Discord Next track please! 2.2

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Required SinusBot Version
Next track please!

This script allows your users to vote for skipping the current track.

Current features:
  • Vote for skipping the current track.
Planned features:
  • Nothing - Make feature requests and i'll consider them.

  • SinusBot version: 0.14.0 or higher.

  • Download the current version and upload it to the scripts folder of your bot.
  • Activate the script in the bot's Webinterface.
  • Configure the script for your personal needs in the Webinterface.
  • <command_vote> - used for voting to skip the current track/revoke your vote. The <command_vote> is defined is in the config. Default is ".skip".
  • <command_info> - used for showing the current votes. The <command_info> is defined is in the config. Default is ".info".
@Raphraph for helping me with code snippets. :)
@flyth for creating the scripting API.
@BadassOverlord for posting the idea of the script.
First release
Last update
3.44 star(s) 9 ratings

Latest updates

  1. More Bugfixes

    ~ Fixed displayed name in the public alert. ~ Set default percentage to 60
  2. Bugfix

    ~ Removed the bot from the counted clients.
  3. Version 2.0

    Completely rewritten with the new scripting engine. + Added discord support. Not tested that...

Latest reviews

Any chance the script will be updated?
Script Next_Track_Please returned an error (main function): TypeError: 'log' is not a function at logDebug (Next_Track_Please.js:60:13) at main (Next_Track_Please.js:64:5) at ScriptRunner (<anonymous>:42:5) at <unknown>
SinusBot 0.13.37-9791176
Works great but how i can disable the "!next" command of the bot and enable your Script has main command?
You can't that's why the default command is .next.
can figure out how to add a user to use the commands
Doesnt Work With New SinusBot Update 9.15
Good concept and nice options but does not work for me; spits out 1/Nil errors when voting and the vote always passes regardless of client amount and % settings.
Am besten einmal mit der aktuellen Version probieren.
Excellent script ! :)
Realy good, i'v made a [FR] translation if you want i can send it to you for publish it on this page !! (MP me )
Works pretty well, exactly how i wanted it to. However, I think it should be able to auto count people in the channel without having to rejoin. Other than that, great.