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  1. C

    TS3 Decidometer - !decide !question 1.0.0

    This little script helps you when you cant decide yourself! Commands added: !decide !question Syntax: !decide A B C D E F to infinity example: D will decide a random string given to the command with space as delimiter !question is this script awesome? example: Raymond Reddington would say...
  2. Multivitamin

    TS3/Discord AgeGroups 1.0.0

    This script gives a defined ServerGroup depending on the age the user sets! Default usage is: `!dob 1.1.1970` If the user has birthday the ServerGroup will automatically get replaced with a newer one if available!
  3. lwer0

    TS3 !RandomKick Remastered [Working] 1.0

    RandomKick script didn't work anymore because of the SinusBot API updates so there's a new version working in 2018! Just use !rkick to have fun!
  4. F

    EN [Request] Achievement Bot

    my idea is the bot give specific server group like steam games for example: if user stay on server for 12 hours the bot give a server group (as you like). also if user joind on server 100times the bot give a server group. Put also bots or jail server group can't get server group Thanks
  5. Lukas Westholt

    TS3 Random Kick 2.1.1

    Image Credits: Icons made by Freepik from www.flaticon.com is licensed by CC 3.0 BY Designed by Freepik
  6. Everlike

    Pizza Timer 0.5.1

    Description This simple script will remind you´r clients of their food in the oven! Just write "!pizza 5" via private message to the bot and the bot will write you a message 5 minutes later, to remind you of you food! The client can vary the time by just changing the number behind !pizza...
  7. xDefcon

    Animated Channel & Description 2.0beta

    SinusBot 0.9.16 or higher needed! Description: Animated Channel is a very cool script that allows you to have an animated channel (channel name or channel description) in your TeamSpeak 3 server, it will be soon updated with new features. PLEASE: To prevent issues with very, very old...
  8. xDefcon

    Animated Nickname 1.6

    Want to try Animated Channel? Click here SinusBot 0.9.16 or higher needed! - Description: Animated Nickname is a very cool script that allows you to have an animated nickname or description in your TS3 music bot, it is very customizable and you can activate it directly by a chat command...
  9. Patrick15a

    TS3 Music info in multiple channels 2.0.2

    Music info in multiply channels Display song title and artist in 2 channels + a channel for an offline text or when playing for: (title) "by" (artist) Last Stable Version: 2.0.2 (Direct Download) Last DevBuild Version: - Function in v2.0.x: Set one channel for currently playing song title Set...
  10. good_live

    TS3/Discord Next track please! 2.2

    Next track please! Info This script allows your users to vote for skipping the current track. Current features: Vote for skipping the current track. Planned features: Nothing - Make feature requests and i'll consider them. Requirements SinusBot version: 0.14.0 or higher. Installation...