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Oddstats4PUBG 1.3

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we just finished testing the new update. We hope you'll like it!
Here's a quick list of features:
  • You're now able to request each individual region within the command e.g. !PUBGstats eu Mat0Man
  • We removed the fixed region you now only have to set a default Region, which is used when no region was provided from the user
  • We also added a new info message when someone is using a region that is not known e.g !PUBGstats bb
    The request will still be sent, but the default region will be selected
  • It now doesn't matter wether you type the region first, or the username, so
    !pubgstats eu Mat0Man = !pubgstats Mat0Man eu

!pubgstats [defaultRegion] [Clientname]
!pubgstats eu [Clientname]
!pubgstats eu Beniben
!pubgstats Beniben eu

If you have and problems with the new version, please contact us.

Error Guide:
Please provide us with the command that you have used.
Also, show us a screenshot from the instance log
We are also always happy about suggestions on what the problem could be
You are now able to differenciate between 3 different errors:

  • user not found
  • user never played on this region
  • response too long
Also, you can now write which region was selected.
Usage: \selectedRegion


We also fixed a problem with the region selection, which previously didn't take config changes that well.

Also fixed some small license issues ;)
  • The error message will now be correctly shown when no user was found
  • The error message will now be correctly shown when the user has not played on this region