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OKlib 1.0.8

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Forgot to increase the version string in the last update... NOT THIS TIME.

This is now the 1.0.8 and also reports as 1.0.8... hopefully.
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This update only fixes a wrong return value in one of the array functions. This means the client.isMemberOfAll() function should work correctly again. Thanks to @Relentless for reporting this bug.
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  • helper.generatePassword Added the generate Password function to the lib which creates a random password
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  • channel.getSubchannels changed the parentChannel handling. It can handle now a channelobject aswell as a channelID
  • client.filterByClients the function got removed since it got obsolete and also had one little typo-bug
  • helper.isInt New function that will test a number if it is a int
  • string.matchUID Checks if a string is a valid UID (only syntax check)
  • client.search Fixed a derpy singel client return when only one client was found. Will now give back a array regardless of the search results (Empty array if nothing was found)
  • removed some double logging
  • fixed a falsely used global var
New function:
  • client.urlToClient Parses a TS3-Client URL into a Client Object
  • array.filterByAttribute Filters the elements from given Array for its Attributes value
  • channel.getSubchannels added an optional channel array as last parameter. If not provided the function will use all channels
  • general.getBots Returns now only Unique clients (even if bots are double connected with the same UID)
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