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Pizza Timer

Pizza Timer 0.5.1

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The '!pizza' command is now set by default (still can be changed to another command), just didn´t worked before.
You can now change the command which triggers the bot from "!pizza" to nearly everything you want. f.e. "!cake" or "!timer"

You can now set the default-time via sinusbot webinterface. If not changed via webinterface it is set to 13 minutes or the amount of time the client has set via command.
f.e. "!cake 15" => 15 minutes. always | "!cake" => 13 minutes if not changed via webinterface | "!cake" is the amount of time you´ve set via webinterface.
You can now choose between a reminder "poke" or "message" when the clients pizza is ready via Sinusbot-Webinterface, it is default set to "poke".

Clients now get a confirmation message when the timer has been successfully set.

Confirmation messages are now changeable via Sinusbot-Webinterface and are default set to:
'Alright, I´ll write you a message when your pizza is ready!' and 'Alright, I´ll poke you when your pizza is ready!'.